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betinalerche  22/06/2012
This is perfect.
Chloe5972  25/06/2012
Perfect for me too !!!
fxs  26/06/2012
Personnellement je trouve que le f (minuscule) ressemble plus a un j ...
Poemhaiku  auteur de Simplesnails   29/07/2012
@fxs: thank you for your suggestion, you can download newest version of Simplesnails at here:
I fixed 'f', 'j' and ß ^_^
NikkiGirl8  21/08/2012
Thank you ;-)
malvolio  25/09/2012
reubensk  09/10/2012
May I please use this for commercial use? if u wish for me to donate or u have some questions about what i want to use it for contact me at
mam24954  27/11/2012
Please contact me I have a question about the font use.
cocokorera  26/03/2013
jlsoles  08/05/2015
This font is perfect. I have a question about font use. I want willing to donate. Please contact me at

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