Shit Happens

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pandamen  02/11/2011
nice font
Jojuae  26/04/2012
I find myself uising this font more often than others. Simply because it's just so damn elegant!
NikkiGirl8  21/08/2012
Thank you ;-)
LBalazi  17/10/2012
I cant figure out how to download and open!! Please help I really want to use this font on my wedding invitations and wedding programs!

ms.n.dee  17/04/2013
I also can't figure out how to use it once downloaded. if I anyone can help that'd be great
viv6677  27/06/2013
After I have downloaded, I could not open the file. There was an error message ' Cannot open file. It does not appear to be a valid archive'. I need this urgently.....can someone help?
TLeighBand  04/09/2013
I really like this font and want to use it on my church newsletter but I kind of feel like I can't because of the name. Anything out there that looks something like it without cursing. :)
Cheyenne71  03/11/2013
TLeighBand: Try Precious, Simplesnails, Magnolia, Maratre, Chopin Script, Exmouth, Champignon, Aerolite CP, or Adine Kirnberg Script. There are a bunch available on here :)

A beautiful and elegant font that is easy to read. Thank you for sharing!

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