SF Sports Night

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temca  13/12/2010
I want to use your font, only for create a logo, for one of my new customer whos starts his business. Please, contact me for princing. Thanks (user : temca)
cmlcorp  09/03/2011
Hello, I would like to use your font in a catalog.

Please contact me to establish details.

carlymac  25/05/2011
Hi - I would like to use this font for a logo? Please let me know if possible and price
MRDesigns  23/08/2011
Hello, I would like to use your font for a logo? is it possible?
artic108  30/08/2011
Thank you, i will put to good use your font.
zenkis15  31/08/2011
Hello, Is it possible for me to use this font for a logo?

if it is can you send me the details.
can78  20/12/2011
I would like to use the SF Sports Night font in a logo and brochure design. Please provide pricing information so that I can purchase the full version.
Thank you.
rachelbulman  01/03/2012
I would like to use this font for a logo. Could you send me details?
Miguel Rua  06/03/2012
Hi! I would like to use your font for a logo. Can you give me some information about pricing? Thanks!
AroundTownPrinting  14/03/2012
I'd like to purchase a license for this font to use for publication. Please contact me with details.
Thank you!
AroundTownPrinting  16/03/2012
Has anyone received a response regarding licensing? Just wondering if this is a dead end...
i&e Creations  12/04/2012
I would like purchase your font SF Sports Night for a publication.
Please provide asap pricing information to purchase the full version.
to contact me to establish details : aadeans@i-e.fr
kraelik  06/09/2012
Hi everyone,
You can buy a commercial license off of their website.
christian.m.scott  27/10/2012
I'm interested in using your fonts for a few shirt ideas, please contact me with pricing and ect. Tried emailing you and it failed.
PistoCasero  10/02/2013
Hello ShyFonts.
Congratulations! You have really beautiful fonts here.
salmacordero  18/05/2013
doesn't that look like WWE RAW logo?............just saying
carpuleta  23/07/2013

I would like to use this font on a brochure. Only one word will be in the SF Sports. Please contact asap for the details!
Thanks a lot eva.carpus@gmail.com
lolito17  04/08/2013
Is this font available for commercial use?
I can be contacted at : hdlopezescudero@yahoo.es
cavalier2014  24/09/2013
We are editors of our school yearbook and we were wondering if we would be able to use ths font? Please email us at dslayton@mail.dps.k12.va.us for details.

Look forward to hearing from you,
Addie Leigh and Bronaza
dsene81960  10/10/2013

I would like to use this font for a logo.

please contact me at thomas.senecal@gmail.com for details and pricing for use.

All the best,

PulpPoet  17/02/2014
This font doesn't work with Microsoft Office.

Font Book produces an error in the "kern" settings.

This is more of a warning. Don't expect any response or support from ShyFonts.
PulpPoet  17/02/2014
Sorry, that is the "name table" settings. Which is probably why it doesn't show up in MS office.
nakano12  27/03/2014
I am making a logo for my Dad's business and I would love to use this font for that purpose. Please contact me at arnettkasee93@yahoo.com with details and pricing for the use.

Thank you so much!
Gueits24  05/05/2014
I would like to make a logo using your font. Please contact me with pricing details for your font.
nomos  09/05/2014
Hello, I might want to use sports night for a logo. What would be the conditions for use? nalgieri@yahoo.de
CityHonor  19/05/2014

I wanna use Sports Night for a Logo. Can u tell me the conditions??

hannuweb  20/09/2014
What do you charge for using this SF Sports Night font for a logo?
cairenn  11/12/2014
Hi, I'm interested in purchasing for use as a logo for my 3 person company. What is your rate please?
elojimjoe  01/03/2015
I would like to use this for a youth baseball league please contact me what your conditions are. Thank you
quacker1  04/01/2016
I would like to use this font for a logo - how do I use this?
quacker1  04/01/2016
My email is s.kelly2@snhu.edu.
quacker1  04/01/2016
Hello, Is it possible for me to use this font for a logo?

if it is can you send me the details.
nigelmaine  01/02/2016
Hi, what is the rate to use this font. Many thanks N
grafic  11/02/2016

I would like to use this font for my company.
Could you tell me the conditions please?
You can contact me at this email: grafic@niviuk.com

salvotrotta  26/02/2016

I would like to use this font for a personal project, using adobe suite It don't let me export the font in PDF, It asks me licences. Could you help me?
aiap2h  16/05/2016
I would like to use your font as part of a logo for my business. could you please contact me about how I can attain legally use your fonts. Thanks.

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