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cimofj2  29/12/2008
I have tried to download the ZIP file for these fonts, but it keeps finishing too fast and I get a message saying the ZIP file is invalid.
I'm running Windows Vista Home Premium SP1 and have successfully downloaded several other fonts.
squishymellows  01/07/2009
Excuse me, but you don't happen to be MileyGlamm on Deviantart are you? The font looks strikingly similar. Here is the link:
Piraja  13/09/2010
Please add copyright/copyleft information. Is this font free (copyleftwise)?
misszipple  18/08/2013
Hello! I would like permission to use your font for projects that I make for my classroom as well as for selling on my Teachers Pay Teachers account. If that is ok with you, could you please tell me how to site you so that I can give credit back to you? Thanks!

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