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jeneshisugakuto  28/09/2009
Superb - the archaic look and the accuracy of the shape of the lettering.
meerklar  06/10/2009
I like the elegance of characters, but this script lacks four runes: Thurisaz, Eihaz, Ehwaz and Ingwaz.
incredibeul.ian  16/12/2009
There are missing runes (E and TH and Q aka nasal NG) (the elder futhark contains 24 signs) + the rune under Y should be under J, C should be the same as K but not Q (which should have its particular one) and X (C/K+S) does not exist.

Shame cos it looks good otherwise.
paux  05/02/2010

The runes aren't Futhark runes, they are from Tolkien.

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