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ZeekLTK  02/04/2012
Lowercase t does not work in italics. A blank space is displayed instead.
Mr.HotRodRocket  auteur de Round   10/04/2012
The lowercase t error has been corrected. Thank you.
taimdala  24/03/2013
Help! Round regular is now stuck in italic! It is no longer upright as shown. Please help! Thank you!
taimdala  24/03/2013
Oh no! Round Bold is now stuck in italic form too. I wonder what is wrong. Opening the font files in my viewer shows them as italic fonts. Using them in Word, they show as italic fonts. Please help. I need non-italic styles of this font, please.
Mr.HotRodRocket  auteur de Round   01/04/2013
Hello, Taimdala. I've sent you an inbox. Please, read it.

Thank you.
sedemik  12/12/2013
I have installing problems too. If I install regular version it works fine but if I install bold version it overwrite regular version. And the same overwrite happens with italic too. There is only on version installed of that font. Can some one help me?

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