Pincoya Black

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smeralda  01/08/2009
muy buena :)
Han7a  03/08/2009
Viva Chile!
Han7a  03/08/2009
muy buen travajo
Marcin R  08/08/2009
Wow! So cool. Thanks for sharing.
micvil1  09/02/2010
heyy, I love this font and i was wondering if i can use it in a tshirt design contest i'm entering. If not, i will completely understand. Please email me at
funstuff82  06/02/2011
Hi, Would you authorise use of this font to produce promotional products to raise funds for victims of recent cyclone in Cairns, Australia. Your immediate response would be appreciated:
Upierz  10/08/2011
muy buena saludos!
Pawluk Ivan  10/02/2012
Muy buena Fuente!!
luis navarro  16/05/2012
ta del corte la tipografia , sacando la cara por chile y la zona norte de stgo .
MauricioValle  26/09/2012
Felicitaciones Miguel y Amigos:

Si es Chileno es bueno..!



Mauricio Valle Z.
srg412  18/03/2013
can this font be used commercially?
sirknuffinger  15/10/2013
Hi Daniel, thy for this great fond. May i ask if i can use it for a logo. we want to open a publishing house and the font looks great for our Logo. Please contact me
Greetings from germany
Aigo  29/11/2013
I would like to know if I can use your great front for my coaching Homepage? Please E-mail me at
bsch  22/01/2014
Hi Daniel, thanx for this wonderful font.
I wanna ask u if i can use it for my logo. i will use it for clothes and a lot of other stuff, if u are interested i will send u some pics.
Please contact me if it is ok for u or not?!
thanx! greetings!
peterp  17/02/2014
Very strong font, like the way it all fits together.
Bahdi  25/04/2014
Hello Daniel, This Font is very nice...I would like to use this on some clothing. Can you let me know if it is ok or not? You can reach me at Thx again
Miss L  25/05/2015
Hello Daniel, ¡felicidades! precioso trabajo. Me encantaría usar tu tupografía para un diseño de logo para marca de camisetas, mi contacto
¡Gracias y de nuevo felicidades!
MXROSS  17/06/2016
HI! Great font! Would like to use it for a logo, going on social media like Twitter, Twitch, etc. You can contact me at anytime if it's not ok with you!

Thnaks a lot!
jungeun9203  05/09/2016
Hi Daniel, I love your font! it's awesome! :) I want to ask you if I can use your font for logo. I want to use this font for transportation design studio logo. Please contact me . thank you so much!

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