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weknow  06/05/2012
cool stuff  08/10/2012

I have download your font and then each in turn I left clicked on them and selected Install.
There is a problem as in when I install bold it installs ok, then I install bolditalic this also installs ok.
when I install Italic and regular they say they are both installed but do not show in the Open Dyslexic group of fonts.
Only the Bold and Bold Italic are available to use.

This only happens in Win 7 as in XP they all Install

Please advise
abbiecodes  auteur de Open-Dyslexic   08/10/2012
It could be an aggressive font cache. Try rebooting.
rosemoor  23/01/2013
So I have downloaded the open dyslexic font. Now what? How do I use it for typing and/or reading materials?
mrynelson  16/03/2013
I am concerned about compatibility issues were can one use this font without problems?
riversedge  18/06/2013
I suffer from low vision, not dyslexia. This font is awesome!! It makes reading so much easier. Thanks

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