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disciple  23/01/2008
excellente police !!!

sa serait encore mieux si il y avais les accents

Robert 334  11/03/2014
I like this font, can I use it for Projects that I'm selling? (Commercial Projects) :)
please contact me robert.pa33@gmx.at

Yours sincerely
lindseygilligan  05/06/2015
Same as above, I'm asking if I can use this font for a commercial personal project. Please contact me at lindseydiana@hotmail.ca
It's time-sensitive, so the sooner the better!

Thank you,
plainjanesusan  10/06/2015
Hi, I would like to use this font for a new winery--labels / website. Please let me know if this is alright to use! Thanks! sdjones9@yahoo.com

waiora67  05/09/2015
Hi there, may I use this font also for commercial projects? Contact me at leilabm@windowslive.com
Martaha  16/02/2016
Hello, I'm doing guide for one of an old city. This font is exelent! :), may I use it? Please write me: mhandschke@gmail.com. Thanks and all the best. Marta
Hiramn  18/03/2016
Hi there, I was wondering if I would be able to use this font for a commercial project? Please contact me at hiramn23@yahoo.com
pepart  09/05/2016
I would love to use this font for a book project, please let me know if at all possible! pepart@outlook.com Thank you.

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