Olde English

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dallasville1987  08/12/2006
very nice!!!
dario251  12/11/2007
illusionist555  15/11/2007
I like how you've got all the accents
karii_v2123  06/03/2008
Crasy!! :D
element493  12/03/2009
awesomely awesome
StreetLingaz  21/03/2009
This is the closest font I could find to the tattoo on Bradley (Brad) Nowell's back on the Sublime album cover. Good work on this.
Proleric  31/08/2011

I've used this for my free video game "Crown of Creation".


See Read Me file for credit.

Many thanks.
didimao  26/03/2012
So many thanks I am using this to make a motorcycle patch tattoo for myself. I am not a member of the club so I cannot use their standard tattoo people or full terminology, but I can come pretty close, especially now that you give me letters for the upper and lower rockers. thanks again...diane
loca97  02/07/2013
i love this

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