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crd22  28/11/2009
Very nice font.

My immediate reaction was that this was an extremely elegant font. It's got a real good look to it.
misha  09/12/2009
Awesome font!
Dernhelm  13/12/2009
I agree with crd22, elegant font and at the same time, it has an original look. It's not quite like something that has been done before. It is inspired by things done before but it kind of "renews" these things in an original way. I also appreciate in a big way the fact that your fonts are always rather "thorough", with a large number of different letters and characters featured.
Thanks a lot for this beautiful contribution!
wicked'kitty'm8  17/12/2009
luv it
dis is well gd i lyk da way it flows
m8 well dun
luv yax
CRYCLR  31/12/2009
very nice font, but how do you create the special caractors above the letters.
kt123456  03/12/2012
Hello, love this font! Would I be able to use it for a logo for my brand that I'll be selling? Thanks. --contact me on theoriginalclothing@gmail.com
bverity1  09/05/2013
brilliant font! thanks so much for sharing.
I was wondering if you would mind if I used this font on the back of a cap for my business - it is just for one single word? my details are: v@iamv.com.au thank you!
ZeroLiam  02/09/2013
I love this font, it is extremely clean, elegant and beautiful. I want to praise your work, because it is truly amazing. I have no words to describe it, but thanks for sharing.
Schnecke92  04/09/2013
I would like to use this great font for commercial use
please send me an email at huhuschuhu@hotmail.de
I would like to use this great font for commercial use
please send me an email at snyderandsons@bendcable.com

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