Never Let Go

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cullenism  01/05/2009
quite pretty
mac12  15/07/2009
i need this, may i use it?
northerlywind  31/08/2009
I signed up just to say I A D O R E this font. <3
dobry  18/01/2010
It seems the capital letters G and J and interchanged?
dobry  20/01/2010
sorry, my misinterpretation. They are ok as per US handwriting class.
csroddin  07/06/2012
May I please use this for commercial use? Thanks!
observerance  14/10/2012
I've had my eye on this for ages! Would using it in a text-based tattoo be okay?
mamakimberly  auteur de Never Let Go   16/10/2012
of course on the tattoo :) And for commercial use, please pay via
husker78  26/11/2012
wow, my handwriting on a tattoo? how cool! I'd love to see that! mamakimberly has the best fonts!

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