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sophia.09nin  03/08/2009
chellnomalk  05/12/2009
Yep, this is the old My Chem font.

Works great, by the way.
lejenkinson  25/09/2011
Hiya, I know it says free, but does that count for using in a print-on-demand book?
Pls contact

lejenkinson  25/09/2011
Sorry, just read the readme file so now I know! Thanks!
ianryd  21/06/2012
The 1 doesnt work!
zephyrblue  27/07/2012
Why make a font with no 0 or 1?? I'm trying to type "2012"...impossible with this font!
johnnord  30/10/2012
zephyrblue and ianryd,

In the really old days, typewriters didn't have 0's or 1's. You used the uppercase letter O and the lowercase letter l for the 0 and 1. This saved two keys and two type bars, as well as the linkage between the keys and type bars. I'm guessing that the type designer is being very pure in his interpretation of his own mom's typewriter (or nostalgic).
Willem  25/11/2012
Use it for my Second World War fotobook.
(modelbouw diorama 1/35)
Thanks a lot,
Willem van Maanen.
gltibbetts  21/04/2013
On older typewrites, there was never a 1 or zero 0 on the keyboard.

You used the lowercase letter l (L) key for the number one and uppercase letter o (O)for zero's.
oceanremix  17/03/2014
Is this commercial use font for free?

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