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ForeverAri921  21/04/2013
PurePixel  auteur de MineCrafter   25/04/2013
UPDATED: just uploaded the 3 version which looks more like the original than the original
Roxcly  14/06/2013
Hey. Could I perhaps use this font for a game that I have made? It was only a project, but some people wants me to publish it. I used this font for a couple of things in the game. It will not be used commercially in any way.

Feel free to check it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MzPdcgR8ZeU

PurePixel  auteur de MineCrafter   20/06/2013
i messaged you on youtube mate but your welcome to use it game looking good so far
xXMCCRXx  12/07/2013
PurePixel? May I please use this font for some of my upcoming youtube videos? My Channel : youtube.com/xMCCRx
PurePixel  auteur de MineCrafter   16/07/2013
Its nice if you guys give the font a shout out or a link somewhere to help push downloads but where i stand around usage is that you are more than welcome to use the font on your youtube channels and other personal content like pics and vids

As long as your not using the font in anything in which your selling basically then you would require my permission to buddle with or to include in your product,

If offering a free download with the font included then credit must be give and a link back too
markandgaming  06/08/2013
Am I allowed to use this font for youtube banners and video thumbnails?
Prexavier  14/10/2013
Can i use this for my youtube channel?
Prexavier  14/10/2013
I'll add a link to here in the description
KyleoGames  19/12/2013
hey, could i use this for the outro of my minecraft let's play videos please :)
M33tme  09/02/2014
Hello ForeverAri921,

I would like to use your font (loaded) for a logo I'm creating do I have permission?
Christopher5407  06/09/2014
Hey I have a YouTube channel and I was wondering if I could use this font on a t-shirt design. It would be on spreadshirt.com. Thanks, Chris
PurePixel  auteur de MineCrafter   08/11/2014
Feel free to use my fonts in non commercial use like with youtube and such, if your using commercially then please contact me before hand.

Thanks and hope you guys enjoy the new update,
StrongholdMom  09/12/2014
Hi Ash, just sent you an email about commercial use. Please let me know if you didn't get it. Thank you!
avenger87  02/03/2015
I know I'm really lame for asking, but how do I access the font? I open the zip folder and clicked install and now I have no idea how to access it.
avenger87  02/03/2015
I know I'm really lame for asking, but how do I access the font? I open the zip folder and clicked install and now I have no idea how to access it.
avenger87  02/03/2015
I know I'm really lame for asking, but how do I access the font? I open the zip folder and clicked install and now I have no idea how to access it.
avenger87  02/03/2015
Nevermind. I got it. Thanks!
lolface  05/03/2015
its soooooooooooooo sickingtons
seveer4444  06/03/2015
Hi I was wondering if I could use this for a a flyer (i'm doing this for free not for profit), we are hosting a minecraft tournament and I would really like it if you'd allow me to use it for that. If you require a donation I can do that as well!
AleksReader  10/03/2015
Hey i would love to use this font for my channel. Its a channel dedicated to encourage everyone to read, live, go outside, laugh, and have fun! I'm creating a minecraft book for kids and this font is what i need!!! Check out my channel to see my work so far. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCY43oeFMhNsl-eMG_ZcPuEg

I'm currently creating the minecraft books/recording the audio I would appreciate if you would let me use your font!! They should start coming out in 1-2weeks from now.
PurePixel  auteur de MineCrafter   14/03/2015
@seveer4444 & @AleksReader you are both more than welcome to use the font.
kdk7  13/05/2015
Hi can you please let me know how much this font is to use commercially? Thanks
oslonyc  11/09/2015
Can you send me commercial use pricing please (for a very tiny from-home based business :)
mommakatt  02/10/2015
Thank you so much for this! Made my daughters bday invites awesome!
herbir  06/10/2015
Could you please let me know how much a commercial license for this font will be? I will mainly use it to make name stickers for bedroom doors or I will use HTV to put a name on a shirt or onesie. Thank you!!
fatuleta  24/10/2015
Hey PurePixel,
I have donated 5 dollars for this font so that I will be able to use it for commercial use. I will use it mainly for Youtube and some shirt designs. I have left you a message on paypal with my channel and username.

Thank you!
Warrior Mc
XXX_AWESOME_XXX  17/12/2015
Hey purepixal im just asking this so i dont get in troble. can i use this font for thumbnails?
XXX_AWESOME_XXX  17/12/2015
wait we have to paid for this font for using it like for thumbnails and banners for youtube?
nottinytim  15/01/2016
Hi could you let me know how much it would cost for a small business to use please. I hope to make things to sell.
Thanks, Tim
shawntelaka  04/02/2016

I too would like to inquiry about using this font on my book covers for commercial use. Please tell me what I need to do. My series is coming out soon so I'm waiting anxiously.

lundy  16/03/2016
Hi! Thanks for the font! I tried to donate to you, but it didn't work : (
ShockedIce  26/04/2016
Thanks for the font! I was just wondering if I could use this for my YouTube channels thumbnails.
stick your cycle  28/06/2016
BABYSUZIEQ  27/07/2016
Hello, I was trying to donate to the author but this comes up: This recipient is currently unable to receive money.

I also wanted to find out about using this font commercially...

Thank you!
knicoled719  06/08/2016
I was wondering what I needed to do to be able to use the font commercially. I do sewing and embroidery and am in need of some cool "boy" fonts.

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