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malvolio  11/10/2012
This one is very nice!
dicaxproductions  22/10/2012
Why the hell is it called Mayonaise?
drf  22/10/2012
Because it's good for you !!
marina.nunes  auteur de Mayonaise   11/03/2013
It's called mayonaise because of this:
lissieinthesky  03/04/2013
Great font! Is this font allowed to be used in a printable freebie?
marina.nunes  auteur de Mayonaise   16/04/2013
No, it's only for personal use. In this case, you need to by a license.
antoniogarciaiii  17/08/2013
How much does a license cost?
How much does a license cost?
firedup  13/08/2014
Hi Marina Nunes, I love this font and would like to purchase it for commercial use. How to I order? Your site above did not work. Thanks!

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