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Guillermoas  04/10/2012
Muy buena fuente!!! Gracias!!!!
JCP  05/10/2012
This is gorgeous. Can you let me know if it can be used in a logo?
JCP  05/10/2012
Sorry... My email is
Crokys  14/10/2012
Super ! This style is very beautiful ♥
scupbucket  auteur de Mathilde   18/10/2012
@JCP yes you may certainly use this font in your logo. I'll email you too.
La.Little  20/11/2012
Moi, cette police ne marche pas sur photofiltre ! Pourquoi ?
scupbucket  auteur de Mathilde   29/11/2012
@La.Little - Possibly Photofiltre doesn't have support for OpenType fonts (.otf). I made a TrueType (.ttf) version of the font for someone, I'll make it available on my website here:
kimmey  08/04/2013
Hello, Can I use this font on a commercial ad? please email me... Tahnk you
scupbucket  auteur de Mathilde   09/04/2013
@kimmey: yes you may, I'll email you too
curacy  10/05/2013
I would love to use your font as part of our logo. Would you mind getting hold of me to coordinate permission.

Thanks so's beautiful and perfect.

acserban  26/06/2013
Wow! It's perfect! Can I use it in a logo? Email pls? Thank you! acserban at
ryukishifan0396  18/11/2013
This font is amazing. Can I use it in a story that I'm writing?
isrrael.gutierrez  14/01/2014
May I use this font in a logo?,
scupbucket  auteur de Mathilde   01/03/2014
yes and yes you may :)
denilede  24/03/2014
Hello, I have a question
can we have your amazing type in the "cyrillic alphabet"???
Thanks for feedback
scupbucket  auteur de Mathilde   24/03/2014
@denilede: Probably not :(

The design comes from the handwriting of a person that doesn't use the cyrillic alphabet, so it would be a matter of me trying to emulate the look and style of the font in an alphabet that I'm not really familiar with.
lotsacaffeine  19/04/2014
Good morning! Your font is beautiful! Would it be possible to use it in a design and embed it inside a PDF file? I can be reached at . Thank you so much!
Lelaina  28/04/2014
Hi can I use this font for a lyric video email me so I can give you more details? Thanks :)
Lelaina  28/04/2014
Actually don't worry it's not needed anymore
neram kerala  18/05/2014
love it!!! can we use it for our logo? Thank you very much!
nertlights  29/05/2014
Love this font. I would also like to use it for my logo. Please email me:
FiAmann  24/06/2014
LOVE this font!! At the very early stages of planning a new business - if it comes off I would love to use this for my logo - is that ok if so how do I go about it? Thank you!!
jlshaw711  09/07/2014
I would also love to use this font in my logo. My email is Thank you! :)
Jessie51  09/07/2014
Hello, may I use this front for my logo please? My email :
katha135  03/09/2014
same question as the others. would love to use it for the logo of our destination. cheers.
monika.ustick  16/01/2015
Really love this font. we would like to use it on the label.
please email me
Thank you
jessiejane  09/02/2015
Would love to use this in a logo if you could please email I would appreciate it!
arcegaj76  20/03/2015
This is so perfect! May I please use this on my label?
Hossi  07/04/2015
Hi Lee, may I use this front for my logo, please?

Best, Claudia
MummyD  18/04/2015
Hi Lee,

Please may I use this font for my logo and eventually - when I find someone nice (and cheap) enough to build it - a website?

Many thanks

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