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Cpr.Sparhelt  03/04/2009
Ohh mah Ganwd it's soo amazing!! very nice work
Cpr.Sparhelt  03/04/2009
this is so crazy
anke-art  03/04/2009
way cool, perfect idea!
RAS-UTOPIA  05/04/2009
rickyb  06/04/2009
wow... love this one. great work
StreetLingaz  07/04/2009
This font is amazing!! Wow... insane idea, buddy.
MusicalRabbit  07/04/2009
Omg I'm so slow that took me like an hour to see the word underneath (:

Great design though :D
ideoma  08/04/2009
very creative, congrats
flipdarius  13/04/2009
Very well done!
bs  18/04/2009
Did you happen to go to the Eyes, Lies + Illusions exhibition at the Hayward? Because if not then it's a pretty big coincidence...
Ad Kebab  auteur de Lines   18/04/2009
Hi! I never heard of that exhibition :).
But from what I see in the google results it's quite an matching font. During the making of the font I also figured out that you are restricted to square forms (pixel fonts). So anyone who creates a font like this will have an similar outcome. Thanks for the notice! I really like their outcome.
Alz-le-Zoulou  20/04/2009
Yeah, Manuel Guerrero has already done a similar work,
check it:
"optica normal".
dundeee  11/05/2009
in 2006 released a similar work like yours:

nice work!
ctrlaltf12  05/04/2011
Great one !
LovesAnne  27/04/2012
hoe doe je dat en hoe werkt het ik wil het weten het is z'n gaaf ontwerp ik kan mijn ogen zijn verward van het kijken er naar!!!!!

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