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annaOMline  07/03/2007
good brush effect, cool movement , thanks!
typo001  18/04/2007
i love all the brush fonts!!! this is great! nice movement!
Amalia P  30/05/2008
This is really good! Love it, use it a lot in stories. }:?! (like my smiley?)
qotsa37  13/05/2009
Really cool. Make a handwriting font next, I wanna see what other great fonts you can make!
RiceJesus  04/10/2010
Gorgeous, looks just like paint, thanks!
holly81  23/10/2011
I'd like to use this font for comercial use.
I need purchasing information.

bricocrack  12/01/2012
I'd like to use this font for comercial use too.
Can you report me?
LFA.Apek  13/01/2012
bricocrack  13/01/2012
and... do you know if Guetta did pay for it? (:-)
levi  auteur de Levi Brush   25/02/2012
The Guetta guy didn't bothered paying to use the font, but probably it's not his fault, he must have some ignorant designer. Ironic, if you think of all the copyright issue the musicians have these days.
mcwalton24  29/06/2012
Mountain Dew stole your font too in a collabo with lil wayne called DeWeezy.
jxnn  02/07/2012
How can a person use your font for commercial use? Would you like a donation?
ardentcreative  07/09/2012
I potentially would like to use the font for commercial purposes???
levi  auteur de Levi Brush   20/09/2012
For commercial use or questions regarding the font please contact levi@loremipsum.ro Thank you!
obsolete robot  06/04/2013
Nice font. I am a fan
allycat333  25/07/2014
I wanted to let you know that design shop remodo used this font on one of their products (Do Your Thing print) Not sure if they got permission or not.

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