KG A Little Swag

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Vcortez  09/09/2013
whow funny thanks
opland  27/09/2013
Very funny font, thanks a lot :)
kawaiiallison  01/10/2013
love. love. love.
kasey.morton223  22/11/2013
I really like it because I use it on everything!!!!!!!!!!!
tmatth08  28/12/2013
Beautiful font, can't wait to try it out
PairPair  05/02/2014
Wowww so cute!! I really like it.
Clarisse M  18/07/2014
Hello, I would like to use this font for commercial purposes. I m creative invitation craft. How much is it?
(I started, and it's a very small company, don't be too greedy please!)

Thank you.
      Clarisse M.
Austiebost  04/08/2014
I really love this font. <3 It's one of my favorites of the ones you've made recently!
liliheart  25/08/2014
HI I love this font but when I try to use it the ribbon/scroll doesn't show up? Is there a way to fix it?
filrublev1980  17/09/2014
I love it! I would also would like your permission to use for a logo and for headlines on my website and newsletter. My website is my e-mail is
Popsibon  23/04/2015
Hello, I really love your font and i would like to use it for a store logo (we would not sell anything with it on) just for a logo purpose. Would it be possible ? What are the conditions ? Thanks a lot.
best regards.
LiahGarza  27/05/2015
This is amazing! I would like to use this font for a logo, I have a really small photography studio. How can I use it? Please contact me,
stevlor  25/06/2015
boo yah
jessicanicole  18/07/2015
Love this font, it's very creative <3
sandyyyyyyy  09/11/2015
Dommage que le "ç" ne fonctionne pas :-(
Friscosangel  25/02/2016
Hi there, I love your font and would love to use it for the header for my blog. What are the conditions?
Sherricrafts  24/04/2016
LOVE this! So on trend now :) TFS!
Sherricrafts  24/04/2016
@ liliheart,
The pdf tells everything you need to know :)
MauroJS  09/06/2017
Greetings, I loved this font, tried to follow the instructions of the pdf, however I could not make the line behind the letters and the color pennant on top of the other. Help please my mail

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