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chungdehtien  02/09/2011
smooth! nice work!
HypeForType  auteur de Hiruko   31/08/2012
Thanks, you can take a look at the full family here: http://www.hypefortype.com/hiruko.html
HypeForType  auteur de Hiruko   22/10/2014
If you would like to use this font for commercial use, please contact me at foundry@hypefortype.com

Thinkdust 'FREE' fonts are not allowed for TV, Cinema, Commercials, Merchandising, Politics, or Religion. You can purchase a full commercial license for the Pro version of this typeface over at HypeForType, simply visit;


Simply enter the discount code: TYPEREVOLT during checkout for 10% OFF any purchase.

Thank you, and enjoy the typeface! Make sure you check out www.HypeForType.com in the meantime!

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