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Lena-L  05/10/2009
Hello! Is it possible to use this font commercially? It would be great if you could write me a message. Thank’s a lot!
jd022  12/08/2011
Hello there. I have the same inquiry about using this font commercially. I love this font! Please write back! Thank you!
ladysmith  19/09/2011
Hi! I was also wondering if this font can be used commercially. Please respond!
LOL Hey Arnold! font! Is there another version of this font with more characters? And when was this font made?
santah  29/05/2013
can i use this font commercially? please send me a pm, thanks
macnamalus  30/10/2013
Hello everybody! I have the same question: Can I use this marvelous font, for a comic (web), commercially? Thanks.

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