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PistoCasero  27/10/2012
Nice work! This is a great font Situjuh, thanks for this precious gift!
c7nazara  auteur de Gratis   28/10/2012
Thank you Pisco. :)
c7nazara  auteur de Gratis   28/10/2012
Gunarta  26/07/2013
keren :D
salam kenal :D
c7nazara  auteur de Gratis   11/08/2013
Terima kasih. Salam kenal. :)
LaylaS  16/01/2014
Very Nice font!

By "Free" does this mean one is able to use it commercially? Also slightly alter it?
c7nazara  auteur de Gratis   16/01/2014
By free means you are fee to use it for commercial. And the licence will be never changed. Thanks.
c7nazara  auteur de Gratis   16/01/2014
oh yeah, you can modified it! Feel free!

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