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nice thanks
mgmuranaka  27/09/2013
looks almost identical to bebas
Nicolaas  20/10/2013
c7nazara  auteur de Gobold   22/10/2013
Thank you for comments. Gobold looks similar to Bebas or Bebar Neue, but Gobold is not the same as Bebas or even not the massive copy of Bebas. I originally created Gobold. I have worked on it for months without refer to Bebas or take Bebas as sample. When I knew Nicolaas commented that Gobold is the massive copy of Bebas, I downloaded Bebas and then compared it to Gobold. Of course, in a flash they are similar but in fact all characters are different.See the picture Gobold vs. Bebas: click: http://c7n1.files.wordpress.com/2013/10/gobold-vs-bebas.png

:) thank you.
Ahiru  12/11/2013
Wow, very nice font you made! It's beautiful. Nice job.
haineko123  16/03/2014
wow, great font family. very nice job. :D
cathyheng  19/07/2014
Love this font! Is there a licence for using this font? I don't know how it works can you explain? Thanks
envoltorio  08/09/2014
Don't listen to them ,it's a great font. How much do we need to send you to use it commercially?
creppin802  27/03/2015
I've always loved this font family. What is a typical donation cost to use the font commercially?
JoyceL  31/03/2015
Hi, Whats the donation for commercial usage?
c7nazara  auteur de Gobold   16/06/2015
hi all,
? how much should I donate for Gobold Font commercial use?
+ as much as you think appropriate, I expect minimal $10 USD.
alteradho  03/08/2015
Hi, sorry nothing more to donate can already occupy the typeface without any problems ? and apart from the gift you give me some writing where justified to have no problem to use ?
Jootje  24/08/2015
Hi Situjuh, thanks for the font, love it. I want to use it for a logo and will make a donation to you. Can you give a written confirmation allowing to use this font as also alteradho asks? Thanks!
c7nazara  auteur de Gobold   25/08/2015
Hi Jootje, Yes.
meanburger  13/09/2015
Hi, I was wondering if i could do the same as Jootje & donate to you - and receive a written confirmation of using this font?
c7nazara  auteur de Gobold   14/09/2015
Hi Meanhurger, Yes.
kalanglarik  20/09/2015
Hi c7nazara, wondering, if I could also receive a written confirmation of using this font for comercial use(as Jootje, Meanburger). I love this, and just sent you a donation. Thank You! :)
CapitanLejander  15/12/2015
Whoah, I cannot even start to imagine the amount of effort that you went through for creating this fonts. Thanks a lot, good Mr. Nazara. Easily one (if not the) best free font I've ever seen.
Hello c7nazara

I am in love with this font! As the others have requested I Am also interested in making a donation to receive written consent to use this font for commercial use. Would you email me at gburgos91@me.com so I can discuss with you how this can be arranged?
Can I use this font commercially for a one off restaurant?

Thank you for your assistance! My email address is: sherry.turner@millerzell.com
resourcesacct  19/05/2016
Hi, after I donate, can you please provide a written approval confirmation for commercial usage? Thank you!
COSEREISAMX  20/05/2016
Can I use this font commercially for a one paragraph of one issue magazine?

? how much should I donate for Gobold Font commercial use?

Thank you for your assistance! My email address is: stir2000@hotmail.com

Thank You.

Adrian Grajales.

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