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annaOMline  19/06/2007
Really useful and time-saving dingbat.Thanks!
loser  29/08/2007
Mr. Author, Can you make it in hollow style?
JosefJ  19/02/2008
May I know which one is Lebanon???
purplemur  22/02/2008
JosefJ...It looks like 0033 "!" is the one for Jordan.

SvenAERTS  21/08/2008
Someone has a .txt or something where all the country names are written of every graphic ?
MIMi King  20/10/2008
Is Armenia Included?
if included what number?
Neil D  21/04/2009
Very useful font. Thanks. Also, please consider someone else's request to make this in a hollow (outline) format.
cekoline  02/08/2012
Thanks for this font!
Is the province of Ontario in Canada there?
Also, I think the "m" is Mexico on this page but it gives me something else when I actually write an "m".
Let me know what's the issue :)
Saqlain Mallick  19/07/2013
Bangladesh Is not Included. Why, say Why?

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