Futurist fixed-width

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SWE94  23/12/2006
Good!,I like it very much...
palaciaskincare  24/05/2008
Can I use this font for my skin care service menu? And can I use it for my logo? Please advise.
Microsoft Fonts  12/07/2008
I've seen this somewhere before...

Benny A. , Microsoft.
madheroesfan  25/12/2008
thank you so much.
Type in Heroes in Caps, it's exactly it.
thank you for not making me pay $29!!!
check out  20/05/2009
Very beautiful!!
This font is free? I want to use it in my personnal card..
artista7  19/11/2009
Can this font be used for Commercial purposes?
A prompt reply would be greatly appreciated,
Thank you...
toypaj666  06/08/2010
this font is so good!
is it free? i would love to use it in my site
thomasd  13/10/2010
Can this font be used for Commercial purposes?
Thanks a lot for your answer.
Utilisateur supprimé 366676  19/11/2010
Pretty font!
Can I use this font for Commercial purposes?
Thanks in advance for your answer.
harryjdi123  04/04/2011
Would it be possible to use this for commercial purposes.
Thank you.
nikkicee  11/01/2012
Hello, I don't see any answers on whether or not this font can be used for commercial purposes....?
thank you!!
mariska77  17/01/2012
Hello, May i Use this Font for my photography website? I like it very Much, Thanx!!
beaqueer  14/04/2012
Beautiful font!
Can i use this font as a title and a credit in my short animation?
The animation will not be used for commercial purposes but just submitted to animation festival.
anucum  17/04/2012
my favorite font,
Is it okay if i could use this for my friend's local band album cover?
It matches so perfectly!
JENNYLY93  08/08/2012
can I use this font for my personal logo? I love it!
Mr_Delight  15/09/2012
Would it be possible to use this font for commercial purposes for a logo, packaging?

Thank you!
CharlieeMartin  09/03/2013
Please can i use this font for commercial use?
Thanks - charliee
ducati916bip  02/05/2013
I really like this - please can I use it on my company logo?

winty5  09/07/2013
Sorry, I just don't see what's all the fuss. It's just Futura with extra letter spacing, so WSI just basically ripped off Paul Renner's original design.
symaticc  28/09/2013
Hi WSI, I would like to buy this font off of you so that I can use it for my business logo. Is there a place / way where we can talk or if I can email you? You can email me at symaticc@hotmail.com.

atmyh  24/10/2013
can i use this for clothing purposes?
chaunaw  08/02/2014
Can I use this font for business purposes?
deobot  28/09/2014
Can i use this for business purpose?
MagicCapas  05/11/2014
Hi, can i use this font for commercial use?
You can answer me via email? jejeg7@hotmail.com
hank11hank11  20/02/2015
Hi WSI, can i use this font for commercial use?
Send me an email at anto11anto11@gmail.com, thanks...
ib  10/03/2015
Is this font available for commercial use. Please could you contact me via email at ibrahim_r@hotmail.co.uk
blocstudios  15/06/2015
Hi there. We are an up and coming student production company and we are wondering if we are able to use this font for the company logo? Thanks.

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