Future is back

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lil_msz_freakyy69  14/01/2010
sexyyy! =]
Jenifred  20/01/2010
I am trying to do a font and its not letting me download my font.?
anke-art  06/02/2010
Aww, what a cute font! Thanks for letting us download it for free. I'll use it for scrapbooking layouts :)
JOPERBELICO  07/02/2010
pelemarket  24/04/2010
Dear Mr. Leśków

I came across your font "future is back" a I felt, wow this is a great font.

I am starting a pilot as a testing opportunity to offer marketing service consultation on-line.

I understand it is copyright, therefore I am asking you permission and procedure to be able to use this font on my logo and webpage.


Pele Marketing
Keren Oman Levy

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