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jaybabiee  18/01/2008
Chinchilla_man  23/06/2008
I saw this font and thought it looked really cool. The name of the font seemed odd, but familiar. Just as I had suspected, it's the name of a furry con! Good to see a fellow fur making some awesome fonts! Thanks! =3
PseudoNympho  01/04/2009
This is one of my favorites. Very nice.
mamasanq  19/10/2009
love this font! i hope you don't mind me using it for my eco-friendly website... we're adding you in the credits to give you thanks for creating this lovely font.
veneratio  13/08/2010
A well crafted flowing font that is legible from small to large and definitely a playful counterpart to Kabel ITC. Thank goodness someone thought to round out the tittles!

Great for print, web and corporate branding. Thanks!
aimee888  10/09/2010
Can i use this for a logo which will be publicly viewed?
robopirate  09/04/2012
Awesome font, I've first seen it on the single cover of Tu Fawning - Anchor.
ahijazi  11/09/2012
Can I use this for a logo which will be viewed publically as well?
Mr_Delight  15/09/2012

Can I use this font for commercial purpose for a logo and packaging. You can send me a email at

Thank you!
isit_ric  23/09/2012
Hi. I'd also like to use this ace font for a packaging design. You can contact me at

jayvonswagg  08/10/2012
Awesome font!!
Menhir  22/02/2013
Clear, readable, with juste a little bit of fantasy sufficient to be original but not too much.
It's simply my favorite font for a normal text use.
Congratulation !!!
gogomonsters powers  23/04/2013
I'd like to use your font to create a logo for a freelance vegetal designer (only for baseline). You can answer me to this mail :
Thanx a lot
amalgamasian  15/09/2013

I'd like to use your font in a packaging design that we'll be selling. Contact me at timid.tonyberry@gmail. com please!

Thank you!
gabadamz  04/12/2013
I would like to use this font to create a logo for a design packaging for commercial use. You can contact me via this mail :

goose390  14/12/2013
Hi I would like to use this font for a logo, please contact me via

Thank you
SteveWilliamsVoice  28/12/2013
Hi, If I wanted to use this font for a logo, do you have terms for that? Answer is a PM or email to Thanks.
grahamvard  25/02/2014
Also interested in using commercially. Can you message me pls:
iamironman  04/07/2014

I would like to use this font commercially.
You can send me an email through (superjanellaa(at)gmail(dot)com)
planer  07/07/2014
Hi, I'd like to use this font in the game. is not available. Please send me an email 2 (tbo2000(at)mail(dot)ru)
sophietoupet  05/03/2015
Good evening from Paris! I love a lot your font Eurofurence and I would like to use for my website creation and for my logo. I work in the middle of paper, krafter...
Can I have your font for commercial use please?
YOu can join me at
Thanx you very much and excuse my bad english... :)
neenor-1303  14/04/2015
Hello :)
I'd like permission to use your beautiful font in my final major project designs on my graphics design degree course! Please let me know at
Thank you
jus4fun69  13/06/2015
Hi I would like to use this font for a logo, please contact me ASAP via
The font is simplistically beautiful.

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