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Shomir  13/03/2012
Chrstopher  15/03/2012
maximusmaximus  auteur de Electrical   15/03/2012
c4signal  20/03/2012
Thanks, keep an eye out on cyrus4erika.deviantart.com by the end of the month i'll post what I did with your font.
maximusmaximus  auteur de Electrical   20/03/2012
rad post link here!
sezamie  27/03/2012
had a good laugh, thank you
maximusmaximus  auteur de Electrical   27/03/2012
elecpure  29/05/2013
Thanks To Making this amazing one :D
Can i use it for my launchpad video letter? :)
maximusmaximus  auteur de Electrical   29/05/2013
use it!!! contact for commercial use only
senoragonzalez  02/03/2016
Can I use this font on the intro to my YouTube video?
koastlyfe  01/07/2017
can i use this font for my brand ?? tentwentyfishapparel@gmail.com

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