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Cpr.Sparhelt  12/12/2008
man... it's awesome
very coool font, congrats
Fat Fab  17/12/2008
sick... Thank you!
Ladii Lay  31/12/2008
ii lxv3 thii5 fxnt.... and nxw ii ¢Kan B3 th3 xnlii xn3 that ha5 iit fxr maii px5t3r5..... Thank5....
LaurenRuth  28/03/2009
Hi, I saw your comment for my font "LT Chickenhawk," thank you very much! Compliments from a designer I have respect for is way cool. :) I have been a fan of your fonts for a little while, I think your work is amazing. This font, Destruccion is my favorite and an inspiration for me and I do have it installed on my personal computer. It's perfect. Thanks again & keep up the good work.
Grateful  07/09/2012
Hello, I LOVE this font! I am starting a small business and would love to use this font on my shirts. I am not familiar with how this process works; I want to honor you as the author, and this is a perfect fit. Can you help?

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