Damaged Serif

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therabbiteffect  23/08/2013
Can I use this for a band logo? I can give you full credit in the album artwork and so forth and so on? I know it says free for personal use.
galdinootten  auteur de Damaged Serif   25/08/2013
Use it free.
galdinootten  auteur de Damaged Serif   25/08/2013
only you therabbiteffect
silvertiger  27/08/2015
Hello, I want to use it for a new gaming clan (it is not existent at the moment). It will be a clan only for fun, not for European Spors League or other.
What is it for you? Is it personal or commercial?

Best regards
silvertiger  27/08/2015
I need it only for logo and little text lines.
galdinootten  auteur de Damaged Serif   28/08/2015
Please, contact me to: galdinootten@msn.com

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