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Michelle Dillmann  13/10/2011
Very cute, clean and fun!
tauford  06/12/2011
Tuppus  20/02/2012
Nice, very well made. Thanks.
skinnyskinner  23/03/2012
Hello. Please can you let me know if i can use your font for commercial purposes for online and print. please email me within the next 4 days on
Kind regards
DavidAlex  17/07/2014
Hi there,
is this font free for commercial use?
Many thanks.
SirKevinicus  02/02/2016
Hi! I loooooove this font and I would love it if I could use it for my board games as a system font of sorts. I saw that it was marked as 100% free, so I just wanted to check. We'll definitely source you in the credits!

Email us at

Thank you so much!

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