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skomii  02/05/2013
Marvellous !!!
Jetlamindz  04/05/2013
I broke down and bought Winzip... but it was worthless as the font is not correct. The capital G does not have the little curl under it. NOT HAPPY!
typodermic  auteur de Coolvetica   22/07/2013
The original version had a G curl but it was annoying in actual use. It would collide with other letters and generally cause chaos.
LeCoffee  09/08/2013
Bloody lovely :3 Been looking for this for about 7 months now :D
chuvub  22/09/2014
: )
chuvub  22/09/2014
hannahrosso  27/10/2014
Might be a silly question but I'm new to all of this... how do I obtain the html code for this font?
typodermic  auteur de Coolvetica   28/10/2014
Not a silly question at all. The regular, free license doesn't allow conversion for web embedding but you can purchase a web license here:
That'll get you the font, all ready for embedding on the web and code that you can copy/paste into your CSS. There are no restrictions on number of views of any of that hit tracking stuff.
fastlife  21/11/2014
love this font. I want to use it commercially for some non-profit organization graphics. Is it free under those terms?
typodermic  auteur de Coolvetica   22/11/2014
No problem. The license agreement allows commercial use so even for-profit would be fine.
heavychevy35096  05/12/2014
I have a logo I've created for a client using this font. It will mainly be used on print for now, maybe web later. What do I need to do to obtain the print license for now?
typodermic  auteur de Coolvetica   05/12/2014
The license agreement allows commercial print use, including logos. You only need a web license if you're embedding the font on the site for text and headlines.
mercedes88  11/02/2015
Hello, thank you for the free download of this fabulous font! I am currently updating a wordpress site for the school I work at. I am designing a new header for the page in illustrator and hoping to use this font. I will be saving the header as a PNG file before uploading it, and I won't be using the font anywhere else on the site, so no embedding. I just wanted to double check that this is free under the licence agreement? sorry for the long winded question!
typodermic  auteur de Coolvetica   11/02/2015
Thanks, I'm glad you like it. No, that doesn't count as embedding. Good luck with your site update.
Arthur Lasemelle  23/03/2015
Amazing font, just irreplaceable.

Can we have the Coolvetica Light version for a non official use(Student presentation). Because I'm found of this font and it would be amazing to use it "light" ...
typodermic  auteur de Coolvetica   25/03/2015
Thanks very much. No problem, Arthur, I sent you an an email about it.
abennett  15/05/2015
Hi, we are a academy school called William Bradford Academy.
(Upper School)
Being an academy I'm guessing we are classed as a business now so hence asking if we can have permission to use this font on our network free of charge or not?
Can you e-mail me on asap due to students would like to use this font as part of their exams. Many thanks - Andrew Bennett (Technician)
fran_cocco  20/08/2015
Hi, thanks you, I love this tipography.
clark5  08/04/2016
hello, i am very sorry, i am new here and want to make sure: i would like to use this font for my commercial business for all branding affairs (logo, marketing material, press credits etc). i have a wordpress online shop and would like to place my coolvetica logo of course on my webpage. can i use the font nevertheless for all belongings for free? is it correct that i only need a license when using the font for the whole text or headlines on my webpage? thank you so much...
typodermic  auteur de Coolvetica   08/04/2016
That's correct. Everything you mentioned is allowed.
TinaBurk  15/08/2016
Hello, I would like to use this beautiful font to participate in an online contest for commercial use. it is OK?
typodermic  auteur de Coolvetica   18/08/2016
That's no problem. It's free for commercial use.
tony greco  22/08/2016
I love it!
liat  31/08/2016
I love it! i desing t-shirt for sell. can i use this Great font? Thank you very much
typodermic  auteur de Coolvetica   06/09/2016
Thanks. Yes, it's free for commercial use.
ethan0302  08/12/2016
Using this to make a website on weebly, can I use it? I'm not quite sure what an embedded website is.
typodermic  auteur de Coolvetica   09/12/2016
If you're you're using the font to make graphic, then putting the graphics on a website: that's not embedding. If you need put the font on the site: that's embedding.
kimballabmik  21/03/2017
for some reason it's not working on my mac book word program?
typodermic  auteur de Coolvetica   03/04/2017
Maybe try the OTF format? Search for Coolvetica at and you can get it: no charge.
Amelia rossi  14/07/2017
Podría utilizar esta fuente para el logo de envasado de productos? Es decir, necesitaría otra licencia además de la licencia web? Gracias!
typodermic  auteur de Coolvetica   15/07/2017
La licencia gratuita permite su uso en el embalaje. ¡Buena suerte con su nuevo producto!
JPGD  21/07/2017
Hola,puedo utilizar esta fuente para un videojuego de android que va a ser comercial va a tener anuncios y compras integradas.Tendría que pagarte un porcentaje de las ganancias? Gracias

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