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SpaceOctopus  31/12/2012
Don't put this under Donationware. What you want people to do and what you are asking means you need to put this under "Personal use only". Then you can mention how to purchase for commercial use like you are doing already. Look up the definition of Donationware. Donationware means people can use it however, and that you ask for a donation if people are able to. There are a couple different licenses you can choose, but donationware doesn't seem to be the right one for this submission. I'm telling you because putting it under "donationware" confuses people and people will use your font, assuming they are allowed to, because you basically are telling them they can. Not everyone reads the description or even goes to the complete page. You don't want people using it commercially for free, right? And nobody wants to get in trouble for doing so as well.
Squack  auteur de Coolock Black   27/01/2013
Thanks for the heads up on this. I always felt that Donationware covered what I want. I always assumed For Personal Use, would have the same result. Sadly nobody ever pays.I'll change it see if there's a difference.
Squack  auteur de Coolock Black   22/08/2013
There was no difference.
Lionika  23/07/2014
I have a small business and would like to use your font commercially could you please advise me as to the cost? Thank you!
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