Chicken Butt

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Inusashi  13/11/2010
Great font, I take it :D
StreetLingaz  18/11/2010
This font is awesome and funny. Thanks for sharing it!!
Petro  18/11/2010
Thank you!
Dragon200  28/11/2010
arcticfox  04/05/2011
The download zip file is only 26kbm size.
ArMc98  05/05/2011
I love this font! It is so upbeat! Very fun and exciting!
Pawluk Ivan  12/02/2012
jajaja excellent!!
Yasser  01/09/2013
Thanks for the wonderful share!
adesigns8  01/03/2014
Hi! I'd like to use your font for commercial use.

Please email me at

Thank you!
Lionika  23/07/2014
I have a small business and would like to use your font. Could you please tell what the price would be? Thank you!
email me at:

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