Cheddar Jack

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annygyaruloka  09/03/2014
is there anyway you could make the a with the tilde symbol on? and the c-cedilla?
sometimes aislinn  auteur de Cheddar Jack   10/03/2014
I have a few projects I am doing right now, but I will try to get to that soon! Thanks for your interest.
Trys2smile  22/05/2014
Love this and donated for commercial use thank you so much!!
jaoram  27/05/2014
Love this font! I also donated for commercial use! Thank you!
MrDesignGuy  30/05/2014
Like the style and various line weights!
jordanpond  10/01/2015
Beautiful flow. This font works best with using caps and lower case together. Love it.
Teryxxx  16/03/2015
I would like to use this font commercially (logo). How can I get a license?
Write me please

Thank you
gildedpaladin  25/03/2015
Great font. My client loves it, so I just had to buy it! Thanks so much!
freckles22  07/04/2015

I love this font and would like to purchase a commercial licence - however when I use it the 'y', 'j' and 'g' all look like they are cut off below the text line. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks.
MOX Designs  03/05/2015
How much do I need to donate to have the permission to use this font commercially. Please answer me on my email:

Thank you!
MarinaMenezes  14/10/2015
I love this!
SimplySan  09/01/2016
Great font, what do I need to do for a commercial licentie, please? Could you mail me at
thejuniperberrie  29/01/2016
I love your font! How do I get a commercial license for it? Please let me know. Thanks so much!

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