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mimi29  01/07/2007
Franchement j'adore cette écriture elle est trop bien
ashlee_xx  02/01/2008
i love it
Chiba  17/09/2008
Hi, Im interested in using this font for one of my t-shirt designs..let me know if is possible.
Thanks a lot,
*FA*  18/10/2009
I really think this is a great font... I am in college, we have to design a logo for a small shop that will be opening up soon in Dublin, is it possible that I could use this font? Thanks so much
nico_kerozin  05/11/2009

This font is terrible, I would like to use it for our paintball team logo.
Is it possible ? How could I do that ?


KarenLehman  06/11/2009
Can we please have permission to use this font on our website and possibly a CD cover? Your reply would be much appreciated! Thanks!
rachee8  25/02/2010
Hi Chris Hansen,

We would like permission to use this font on an album cover and possibly other promotional materials associated exclusively with our band's marketing. Would this be okay? We are unsigned, have scarce resources, and would be very appreciative if you let us use it for free. We would gladly send you a copy of the pressed CD if we do end up using it. We like your font the best and hope you give us the go ahead. Thank you very very much.

parora  16/03/2010
Hi Chris,

I was interested in using this font commercially? Could you please let me know how that is possible.


Lemon4  23/03/2010
Hi Chris,

I was interested in using this font commercially for a poster. Could you please let me know how that is possible. We all love the font here and would really appreciate if we could use it. The poster is for a trade mag ad so wont be seen by the general public and is a short run. If you could let me know ASAP it would be appreciated.


JeanieandJayha  15/05/2010
We would like to use your font on a book cover. Please contact us. Thank you.
jkhorton3  14/07/2010
Hi Chris,

I love this font! I was hoping I could use it commercially for a childrens book app for ipad. Please let me know if this is possible and how we go about it.

Cheers, Jasmine
greenwoodw  03/08/2010
Hi Chris,

I'd like to use this font for a digital EP cover and other promotional materials for a band that I handle public relations for. Would this be possible? Please get back to me as soon as you can. Thanks!

- Bill
natedawg  08/09/2010
hey m8 haw wood i be able to get this font i love it
bexy  22/12/2010
Hi Chris,

I, like the others, was wondering if I might use this font commercially. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

caham  18/01/2011
Hello Chris, I'd love to use this font on the banner of my etsy store - is this possible? Thank you!
bigkid7nine  25/02/2011
Hi Chris.

I was wondering if i can use your font in a couple places on my web page? Please let me know if its posable.

mustacheman  02/03/2011
Hi Chris,

I absolutely love this font. Would it be alright if I used it on a website? It's a personal side project. Let me know if that's ok.


redrobin144  07/03/2011
hey christopher!

my band is releasing a small ep to be sold to friends, family and who ever else will buy it, giving 40% of all procedes to a charity, would it be alright if i used this font for the ep cover? of course you can forward your details to me and be sent the ep if you wish.

famoust  23/03/2011
I was interested in using this font for some of my t-shirt designs..Please let me know if this is possible.
thank's! =)
Svengarlic  29/03/2011
Hi Christopher, I would like to use 'Carnevalee Freakshow' for my CD cover, please contact me ASAP, couldn't find a link to PM you or I would have.
packemma  30/03/2011
Hello Christopher,

I would like to use your funky font in a package design. Please let me know how this would be possible. Thank you!
ClaudiaFood  31/03/2011
Hi Christopher,
I'm working for a Food-Magazine in Germany. We would like to use your font in one of our special issues. Would this be possible? Please contact me. Thanks!
Delirio  05/04/2011
Hello Christopher,

i would like to use your font for an illustrated posters that i'm drawing, they could be published or something... Is it possible?? Thank you!
zezooo  12/04/2011
thes fall wow font good
zezooo  12/04/2011
P360  14/04/2011
Did anyone successfully get a hold of Chris to use this font commercially?
ClaudiaFood  20/04/2011
Hi Christopher,

I already asked you three weeks ago if we could use this wonderful font in our Foodmagazin. Unfortunately you didn't answer... Now we will use it without your explicit permission. If you have any objections please contact me in the next two weeks (
clem2011  10/07/2011
Hi Christopher,
Love your Carnevalee Freakshow font and we would like to use it for a website we're developing in the UK, can you confirm this is all okay to use please? Many thanks in advance.
VanityClo.Co  19/10/2011
Hello Christopher,

I would very much appreciate it if I could use this font for T-Shirt designs.

Please contact me at
Thank you in advance.
Naokies  30/10/2011
Hi Chris,

I would like to use this font for a logo for a restaurant in the Netherlands. Is this possible?

Naomi  07/12/2011
how does a person contact Christopher Hanson? I want to use the font for a commercial venture.
MC29  27/02/2012
i would like to use your font to create a logo in france for a sauce.
do you agree ?
Marc Robinson  02/03/2012
Hi, Could i use this font for commercial use for a poster to advertise a Party event for creative allies, the proposed design can be seen here:
bluebird*  06/03/2012
I'd also like to use this font commercially (senior school project), would you please contact me?
Thanks, Anna :)
LKstout  21/06/2012
Chris - I am interested in using your typeface for a t-shirt line that has the potential to go national. Please let me know how I can compensate you accordingly.

Thank you,
lizzz  09/08/2012
Hi Christopher,
I would love to use your font commercially for a book cover. Tried to mail you, but my e-mail bounced.
Could you please let me know how to contact you or if I can get your permission to use your font for commecrial use?
Thank you,
Lisette Beentjes
aeynera  24/08/2012
Hi Chris,

I'm wondering how one goes about buying some of your fonts to use for all purposes.

Armydeuno  31/08/2012
Hi Christopher,

I really like your work.

I was wondering if I could get your permission to use this font commercially for some aromatherapy wares I've created.

Thanks so much!

You can contact me at:
nlnr74  21/09/2012
Hi Christopher

I also want to know if i can use your font for my western wear website and my company logo.Would be very much appreciated.
Thank you,
yeneikcaj  24/09/2012
Hello Christopher,

Hope this finds you well.
We would like to obtain commercial rights to use your font Carnevalee Freakshow for an educational product.

Please contact me at

Thank you!
laskonis  01/10/2012
I would like to use this for a band logo. Thank you.
JenB  04/12/2012

I'm a freelance graphic designer and could possibly be interested in using this font for a logo for a small business. Would I be able to use it?

Thank you!
statius  21/12/2012
Hi Christopher,

I would also like to obtain commercial rights to use this font for a logo for a product for a small business. Would I be able to use it?

eggbyrdt  10/01/2013
Christopher, would love to use this on my album cover- Please! thanks, michael
drlsparks  12/01/2013
Hello Christopher: I am interested in using your font commercially. Please contact me @ and let me know your fee.

Thank you,
Daphne Sparks
phanim06  22/01/2013
Hello Christopher
I am member of a french Moto Club created by some firemen in south France. We would like to use your font for our logo which is quite simple for instance : 2 helmets (1st for firemen, 2nd moto). We don't make any money with our club. We are just 30 persons that like riding for pleisure in France. We've got a website to relate our trips... Would you authorize me to you use your font ? Thanks Pascal
seasonzero  04/02/2013
Hello Christopher,
tried to write you an e-mail concerning your font "carnivalee freakshow" - I would like to use it for a CD design (200 printed copies) for promotional use of german indie metal band. Please get in contact if additional charge is required.
Thank you very much
zyroz  05/02/2013
Hi Christopher,

I would like to use your great font "carnivallee freakshow" for one of my T-Shirt Designs.

Please let me know your fee to use it.

Thank You
and best Regards,

You can contact me at:
Hi -
Is this font available for Commercial Use? Please contact me at Thank you!
srg412  13/05/2013
i see this font on another site and it said it was free for commerical use? just making sure if i can or not?
thchuong371994  24/05/2013
Hey Chris,

I want to do an essay about you and your fonts. Please contact me at, I'll have a lot of questions to ask.

leonblank  17/06/2013
hello Chris,

I am a first time novelist and would like to use your font, Carnivalee Freakshow, for the title. Could you kindly let me have your permission or let me know your fee, if any. Many thanks :-D
ChristopherHansen  auteur de Carnevalee Freakshow   11/07/2013
Hi everyone -
Thanks for all the interests and nice comments!
I made these fonts when i was around 16-17 years old, mainly over six month period, when i was visiting my mother in Australia, and being away from my friends in Denmark, thought it a fun hobby - especially because of all the positive feedback my fonts recieved, but as with so many other things, it pretty much lost interest and abandoned it, as other projects caught my attention. I apologize to everyone who has kindly tried to contact me because they wanted to use my fonts, but i as i stopped creating the fonts, i also stopped using the e-mail, so your e-mails havent been ignored, i just haven't seen them. Anyway, the reason i am writing this, is because i wanted to let everybody know that they are more than welcome to use these fonts commercially as they please, though i still won't mind getting my name credited for it if relevant, like books, films, or album covers, or whatever. Some people have commented that the zip files containing the font also contains a text, notifying that commercial usage of the fonts without permisson is not allowed - though i cannot completely recollect my exact written words, but this is of course to be ignored. I have absolutely no interest in making any kind of money on this. I just find pleasure in seeing my fonts being used every now and then. It is very flattering. I apologize for this long comment, but hope it presents an explanation to the many people who have tried to contact me. I wasn't even aware of them still being this popular as i haven't visited this website in over eight years. I only visited it recently to prove to my girlfriend that a certain hollywood motion picture had used a font i created in my teens, and even then, she wasn't completely convinced that it was i who had created them.

Thanks for all the interest, and for continueing to fonts!

leonblank  14/08/2013
That's excellent news, Christopher - thank you so much.
I will definitely give you a credit in my novel as the designer of this wonderful font.
I'm happy, hope you're happy too :-D
ChristopherHansen  auteur de Carnevalee Freakshow   24/09/2013
No worries - my only beef is if people are gonna make major money on my work without my consent
ccossa28  06/09/2014
Thank you Christopher! I'm going to put an invitation template I made using your font up on etsy and I will credit you.

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