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PseudoNympho  28/07/2009
This is the best new font on this site. Original. Art. Thank you very much!
kirksucks  auteur de Blog the Impaler   28/07/2009
I've contacted dafont about making the upper/lower case version the primary preview, also about spelling it correctly.

thanks for the comment! this one took forever to complete. Some cock from Abstractfonts is gonna say there's something wrong with it tho, i'm sure.
kirksucks  auteur de Blog the Impaler   30/07/2009
#89 woo hoo but unfortunately, I'm seeing some Kerning problems. damnit, i thought i checked everything. Bl and th.. how the hell did i miss those?

thanks for the DL's updated version coming soon.
Legagz  01/08/2009
I am interested in using this font for commercial use can you E-mail me at please?
Thank You,

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