Batman Beat the hell Outta Me

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MelissaTeen  06/06/2007
thats really cool!
aetans  30/06/2007
I didn't think anyone else knew who Wesley Willis was.
topcat  04/11/2007
Neat font, thanks for sharing
gia032394  25/12/2007
smart :)
STars_Gerrard  30/07/2011
Like It...
it's very cool.. thnks 4 it
youngkenshore  18/11/2011
How do you open and close those starbursts?
buckyguerra  23/05/2012
¡Muy bueno! Me salvaste. Era justo lo que estaba buscando. Muchas gracias.
SpaceOctopus  31/12/2012
sah293  19/02/2013
You close the starbursts using parentheses. (Like the ones that surround this parenthetical statement.)

P.S. I whupped Batman's ass.

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