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Maelle.K  01/04/2013
Well done !
rocamaco  01/04/2013
I don't know where or how use it, but I think it's an amazing idea, and even an amazing look as a font. Congrats Anthony, day after day, better and better. :)
Chloe5972  03/04/2013
Ho what a terrific font !!!!!
Pedro Cuevas  09/04/2013
Me gustan todas las fuentes disponibles
ade760nyc  19/04/2013
Dude!!! This is soooo awesome!!
Karissa  24/04/2013
I like this font too but how do you make it like the photo? I think there should also be the capital letters without the hilt.
DjLuu507  24/05/2013
la punta de la espada no me queda
Mackarony5  10/06/2013
I haven't downloaded this font yet (my internet is a tad slow now :/) but it looks so cool!
Maglad  28/06/2013
Does not work for me. Perhaps because I am using openoffice? Other fonts from this very website work perfectly fine, however.
Using windows 7, if that matters. Any advice would be appreciated. I repeat, other fonts work fine
100photos  16/07/2013
Adventure time lol?
hawksm00r  12/11/2013
No @100photos, it was based on the title for the 1982 Conan the Barbarian film.
sanz67  15/02/2014

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