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Dernhelm  03/02/2008
Police très complète, simple et classique. Je la trouve utile et belle.
tig  05/04/2013
This typeface look almost exactly like the Augustea font, of the NEBIOLO Foundry in Torino, Italy. From a printers font proof published somewhere in the fifties. Look also for the shadow version; serie tonda filettata normale, classe b.
Menzizi  11/05/2013
Am I free to use this font in the logo of my website?
Great work...... Regards!
cem888  24/01/2014
Hi, would i be able to use your font for commercial use? CEMB1988@GMAIL.COM thank you
Nacholibre  16/02/2014
Hi, how can I contact you? I would like to use your font for a.. semi personal / commercial use.
nougatine  06/09/2014
meme question, est-il possible d'utiliser cette police pour un usage commercial. pour etre plus précise ce serait pour un logo. bien à vous.
birdesign  06/05/2015
Is your font is a commercial available ? It is may be used ?
Hi, how can I contact you?
question_bearer  06/05/2015
I would also like to use this font for commercial use, specifically for use in a logo. Thank you,
Crai  25/06/2015
Hello, may I use this font for comercial purposes?

I would appreciate ir you could please confirm the above to me sending me an email to the following email:

Thank you in advance.  28/06/2015
Bonjour est-il possible d'utiliser cette police pour un usage commercial ?
J'aimerai qu'elle fasse partie de mon logo.
amichalak6  05/07/2015
Hello, may i also use this font for my business logo? Ive looked at hundreds and this is my favorite. Please respond to

iFriend1980  05/07/2015
When I try to install this font into the FontBook app (Mac OS), I get a message saying that "Problems may have been found with some fonts during validation." In addition, is says <corrupt font name> and that there is an issue with "Font basic parsability".

I would like to use this font for my wedding invitations, so will someone help me please?

MacBook Pro (Late 2011), Mac OS 10.10.3

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