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qkila  17/01/2012
Bon délire ^^
sunfall133  07/02/2012
so ah-mazing!
kreativtheme  07/02/2012
foarte tare ... i've seen similar fonts in lots of cartoons ... great work!
ZionC  25/04/2012
mi pana para utilizar el tipo de letra para comercializarla que hay q hacer?
TheFeelGoodFoodies  26/05/2012
Hi there! Your font is great - I'd love to use it for my business, with your permission. Can I pay to use it? Please tell me how this works. Thank you!
BackToOwlTracks  15/07/2012
@TheFeelGoodFoodies, all these fonts are free to use as long as you provide credit when it comes to commercial use.

I'm using this font for everything on my youtube channel!
Thanks!  01/12/2015
This font is amazing. Thankyou for creating. I have designed some products using the font for my business. Would be more than happy to contribute a donation to say Thankyou. You can email me at
many thanks again

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