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Aergia.  22/02/2011
Awesome! Exactly what I was looking for, thanks.
BlueCypher712  18/01/2014
DoomedApparel  06/04/2014
Hi there, I'd be interested in using this font for commercial purposes.
Please contact me so can discuss this further:
Thank you!
ania-kasp  28/08/2015
Hi, I'd like to use this font for commercial purpose. Please contact me: Thanks:)
christelle.asha  02/06/2016
I would like to use it as a logo ( commercial use) for my brand. Please contact me:
Best regards,
Klavijoe  05/10/2016
Hi, I was wondering if there would be any possibility that i could use your font for commercial purposes. please contact me at: Thanks!
Mosh-Pete  05/01/2017
Hi i would like to use this source for commercial purposes, for a logo.
Contact me at:
Thank you very much and good work.
degoodlife  14/01/2017
Hey Excellent work, would it be possible to use this font? I am interested in using this font for a Fashion blog called Degoodlife.
Please contact me

Have a good day,

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