Always forever

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NikkiGirl8  21/08/2012
Thank you. This a lovely font!
sly_hostetter  23/08/2012
Exactly what I was looking for! Thank you for sharing.
Chloe5972  27/08/2012
so cuuuuuuuuuuute
malvolio  09/09/2012
bettymundinger  10/09/2012
I love this font but all of the letters aren't showing up correctly. Like the bottom of the g and the y. Probably more--what can I do to fix that?

fontgirl18  03/10/2012
Beautiful font - thanks so much!
Bride  07/12/2012
I love this font, it's so simple and cute. I actually used this font on my latest tattoo:

Thanks a ton :)
RachelJams  04/06/2013
does anyone know how to download the heart?
sometimes aislinn  auteur de Always forever   17/06/2013
Rachel- the heart is the asterisk. Hope this helps! :)
nanachouette  21/06/2013
I love this font! I used this font for my tatoo!! Names of my 2 little boys in the neck! Thanks
Daniela Guido  30/06/2013
Hi, I have bought the font, but some letters are not working properly. It cuts the G and Y, among others that have a longer end. I need to use this font as soon as possible, so any help is super welcomed.
tulip80  17/11/2014
A truly lovely font
Jeannie.S  13/01/2015
I'm interested in the license. please contact me to discuss further.
studio26  16/07/2015
Wow I love this font!
I have a question about the term "private use", can I put your font as a sign on my photographs on facebook ?
aerialz  23/09/2015
this is an art :)
lli-design  02/02/2016

We'd looking at the possibility of using Always Forever in branding project, i can see its licensed for personal use, are commercial licenses available ?

Please contact me at

Thanks Sam

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