Abeat by Kai

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1620  25/06/2011
really nice font!
Neorun  09/09/2011
How to get in contact to license this?
Daoud  12/10/2011
kaibuskirk  auteur de Abeat by Kai   20/07/2012
Thanks yall!!
KathyJosselyn  22/08/2012
I notice abeatbyKai is free for personal use only. May we have permission to use it in church publications? We will not receive any revenue from using it in our church bulletins, etc.
We really like the font!
Thank you for considering this.
Kathy Josselyn
Westminster Presbyterian Church
Westlake Village, CA
alterna  13/09/2012
Really cool font! I would like to use the font in a logo for a little shop of my uncle. May I have the permission to use it, or is there a way to license it? Best Regards
fabrizio.ict  25/09/2012
I noticed that the font is for personal use only, powers have permission to use it as part of a logo for my business?
The font is very nice
kaibuskirk  auteur de Abeat by Kai   26/02/2013
Email Me at Kai@KaiBuskirk.com
dscf0000  22/01/2014
Does Beats by Dr. Dre have permission to use this font?
Sylbab  25/01/2014
I really like your font. Do you give me permission to use it on a store above an exhibition? Do I need to pay a licence or something? Many thanks!
rjy  03/02/2014
Hi! Really love this font! I see that it is free for personal use...is it also free for commercial use? I'd like to use it for business purposes, can you tell me how to proceed? Is it necessary/possible to license this?
I've tried to reach you regarding a commercial license via your e-mail address (2x) Can you please let me know if a commercial license is possible?
kaibuskirk  auteur de Abeat by Kai   15/08/2014
Email Me at Kai@KaiBuskirk.com
schungel  10/11/2014
Hi Kai, i've e-mailed you three times for your commercial licence. Can you please reply to my e-mail or e-mail me at kevin@schungel.com?

Thanks and blessings!

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