3rd Man

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Staffan Vilcans  28/09/2008
The accented characters are faked. For instance all the accented A:s are the same. It's all Á instead of ÁÄÂ and so on.
tmr  07/01/2009
its beautiful. I really like it
petap  11/03/2010
I would like to maybe use the font in a commercial application.
Could you please e-mail and let me know if that is okay or what the charge would be to purchase the font. Thanks!
bobbyh  12/05/2010
Same question as petap. Any special conditions for commercial use?? Can´t get access to bumbayo site, to find out more about their licenses. Answers to bobbyage@web.de please. Thanks a lot.
Kalik76  30/06/2010
This is a a beautiful font!!!!
I would like to incorporate into my designs to be used commercially.
Do you provide Open Type Fonts?

Please contact me: Kalik76@yahoo.com

Thank You Very Much.
equineluvr  06/12/2010
Great font! I would like to use this font in a commercial application. What would the charge be? Please respond to jkd22008@yahoo.com. Thank you!!
jesseppowell  20/03/2012
Would like to use this font commercially. If I could get some more information about this that would be great! Thanks.


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