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I want to thank everyone for the outpouring of support to help my daughter . . . bless all of you for your help. sorry for the lack of correct tech terms (i.e.: thumb drive, not zip, and they do still use CDs on lower end projects instead of DVDs because the kids can't afford them.)

So now all we need to do is to see if I can get it to run correctly now. A GAZILLION THANKS!!

how would I find a someone to do the last item? we have no way of installing the font into someone else's computer, and the rules say that you must provide a zip drive or CD. this is a one-shot thing.

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the message I get says LICENSE RESTRICTION. this is only a high school PowerPoint presentation. my daughter has spent hours on it and now we can't get the disc to burn to turn into her teacher. if fonts can't be embedded, why didn't anyone say so in the first place??? how do we get this to work. I can't get the designer to respond either by email or Facebook message.

please, we need help. this is due Thursday!! :-)

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