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Apr 22, 2016 at 05:17  [reply]  Script cut off at bottom

Tell her to set the values of WinAscent and WinDescent to the upper and lower limits of the bbox. This will solve the clipping problems in Windows (except Adobe programs) and Microsoft programs in other platforms. Easy to do but she has to do this.

One outcome of this is that the line height will also increase. You solve one problem and create another. Which one would you rather have is your choice.

As you mentioned, the font works perfectly in Illustrator and other Adobe programs as well. It will also work fine in a Mac. The easiest route then is to use an Adobe program in Windows or get a Mac and don't use MS Office or other MS programs.

Look for ITC Avant Garde. You will find a similar A as alternates. Google for "avant garde with alternates"

If an inline version is OK with you, go to Click on the 2011 tab, scroll down the menu until you see 09.13 Mexico86 and click on that link. No direct link for that page. Despite what Mindofone said on the page, the font is not an original 1986 World Cup logo custom font but only a recreation of the font and was based on Avant Garde.

The 700 refers to the weight of the font. In this case the font is black.

Mar 29, 2016 at 05:05  [reply]  Appending a Font Name - Question

Let us make this clear, the name of the font file is its filename, like fontsname.ttf or fontsname.otf. When the term font name is mentioned we refer to the internal font name like those you see in the font selection menu of PSP.

You can change the filename to whatever you want (like fontsname.ttf to favoritefont.ttf) and there is no restriction about that, with the exception of when the font is being used by an application at the time of renaming. Note that renaming the filename will not in any way affect a font's name shown in the font menu.

As for the internal font name, I will give you two reasons why it is not advisable to do that. I am sure there are many more but 2 reasons you should consider are:

1. LEGAL ISSUE The publisher of the font (foundry/designer) most often prohibits the modification of a font in any manner. If you do that, you will at least lose the license to use the font. Remember that you do not become the owner of the font when you purchase a font. What you paid for is a license to use the font and one of its restrictions is the ability to modify the font.

2. COMPATIBILITY A conflict will arise if you share files between computers. If the internal font name of Freehand521 BT is renamed to retro_Freehand521 BT in your computer, files formatted using Freehand521 BT in other computers will likely appear as one of your default fonts (Arial, Times New Roman, Calibri, etc) when you open the file in your computer since your application couldn't find a font named Freehand521 BT because you renamed it to retro_Freehand521 BT. To your system, Freehand521 BT and retro_Freehand521 BT are two different fonts. It will also affect files you formatted in retro_Freehand521 BT that you share with others.

When you tinker with fonts in the Windows font folder (installed fonts), ask yourself first if you installed that particular font. If you do not know or can't remember or in doubt, stay away from that font. That is likely a font placed there by Windows or one of your installed applications. Those fonts need to be in the same state as they were when installed. It is better safe than sorry. And if you will do some renaming, do it on a font outside of the Windows fonts folder.

Use a font manager and group fonts according to themes without renaming fonts. Try out the free font manager and see if it does what you want them to do. The ladies in some font groups love The Font Thing. A friend has a licensed Printers Apprentice. All of them love their respective font managers. I do not use one so I really do not know.

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It would be best to consult the EULA of the application that installed the fonts. The conditions may vary depending on the publisher of the application. Refer to the publisher's website for details.

As far as Microsoft is concerned, you might get an idea from this page

Mar 28, 2016 at 07:55  [reply]  Appending a Font Name - Question

You can change the file name but it is not advisable to change the font name.

What you need is a font manager. I do not know which one is good as I don't use one but there are free versions out there. Add +free to the URL below to focus the search to free font managers

It is a font naming problem that should be addressed by the designer or foundry that published the font.

As for the font from that link you provided, this is the problem

The first two lines are used by Windows, and the third is used by Macs as labeled.

BTW Claude gave you the right answer based solely on your original post. Read your original post again and think how people might interpret it.

Mar 18, 2016 at 03:52  [reply]  Condensed Fonts

Drop cap:

Text indent:

Top margin:

BTW there are other units for values. The ones I mentioned above are those that I use. Here's a list Use whatever is applicable and what you prefer.

If you need to know anything about the web, try W3C ( first as they are the ones setting the standards used on the web, HTML for one.

Mar 17, 2016 at 17:54  [reply]  Condensed Fonts

I have no idea how to use Sigil but looked it up and found out that it imports HTML documents. If that is the case and that is how you do it, have you tried letter-spacing property in your stylesheet? Use a negative value and play with it until you get what you want. You are also allowed to use values with decimal places (0.1, -0.1, 1.5, -1.5, etc) The unit can either be in pixels (px) or points (pt) or percentage (%).

See this for details

BTW I assume that you are familiar with HTML.

Mar 17, 2016 at 06:14  [reply]  Condensed Fonts

What you want would make ABeeZee hard to read most especially in small point sizes. What you need is to tweak the font's kerning to your needs and you can easily do that in a graphics program.

Here's some of the condensed fonts on this site:

Mar 14, 2016 at 18:33  [reply]  Personal Use

Unless that is my font and I happen to be at that Philippines school.

That is a Windows problem (except Adobe apps) and a problem of Microsoft apps on a Mac. The problem is often only exhibited in OTFs. If the font also comes in TTF, that one will likely work just fine.

The bottom line is the font was only tested on a Mac or Adobe apps and not on Windows (non-Adobe programs.) It is simple to fix in a font editor but it is best that the concerned font author/foundry will do the fixing.

Try to change line spacing in Word (the option given to you by fonts) and see if it will work. If not, vertical metrics settings of the font has to be adjusted and that has to be done by the font author/foundry.

whitmhal said  
Questions about "free for commercial use", "open font license", and "public domain"

...but do I need to contact the creator of the font and let them know I am using their font in a logo?


I will just comment on the quoted phrase... and let the moderators here answer your questions.

When you get in touch with the creator/author of the font, you do not let them know that you will use their font. You have to ask their permission to use their fonts.

If the font creator asks for a donation or a certain amount, consult your client about it because it is your client who is going to pay for that.

Mar 05, 2016 at 08:08  [reply]  Photoshop CC (Duplicate fonts)

Get hold of a font editor and modify the fonts' internal names, but....

+ You are likely breaking the EULA and voids your license to use the fonts
+ You can only group Regular, Bold, Italic and Bold Italic styles in Windows (I am assuming you are in Windows.) You are going to have a big problem in Windows if you group into one family all those Heveticas. The only exceptions are those Adobe apps.

If you want to risk it... change the family name to Hevetica CE and the style name to Bold Narrow Oblique for Hevetica CE Bold Narrow Oblique and do the same for the rest of the Hevetica CEs. You might have to check some boxes along the way. How you will actually do it will depend on the font editor that you willare going to use.

Feb 09, 2016 at 19:51  [reply]  pb impression typo

Vertical metrics of Manquis CP is good and should not be displaying clipped glyphs in Word. Is the OP in Windows?

It might be a setting in Word but I can't replicate the problem. Manquis worked perfectly fine in my old MS Office Word 2007.

That is only applicable to Lost Type fonts.

Get in touch with the font author/designer and ask them what they consider personal use and what is not.

Jan 20, 2016 at 09:48  [reply]  What is wrong with my font?

What web based font creator did you use?
Perhaps Help/FAQ pages of that site might tell you the answers

It is hard to imagine what might be wrong in your font. If you did what were suggested here and nothing helped, a look at that font will likely help.

That is your font and what you do with it is your privilege and choice.

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I also saw the same problem in Wordpad when I downloaded and installed the font. I regenerated the font in Fontlab and reinstalled the font and it worked without problems.

I suggest that you get in touch with the font author and let them know about the problem.

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