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Sep 22, 2015 at 07:36  [reply]  Similar font

ArinaChan said  
Well, it's not unicode... it can't write letters like ě, which I need

You wouldn't be able to know if a font has Central or Eastern European characters here at Dafont unless that is indicated in the author's notes. Dafont only documents the characters in the Latin-1 code page.

Baar Sophia only has a Latin 1 character set but none of the Central or East European characters. The term "not unicode" is not correct because a Unicode is properly assigned to all glyphs/characters in the font. The font just does not have the characters you need.

If you are using Firefox, get DownThemAll from

There is probably a similar add-on for Chrome and other browsers. You let the app take care of making sure that the download is complete. It will also make downloads faster for sites that allow multiple connections.

I am also on wi-fi and I have no problems downloading large and small files.

Try it if it will work for you. It is very easy to remove the addon if you don't like it.

Personal guarantee that there is no sharp corners

I doubt though that that's what you are looking for

Seriously, have a look at this

IIRC I made all corners rounded but I am not sure if it's rounded enough for you.

Some allow that, others don't. The best way for you to find out is to get in touch with the font author.

Send the author an email if the email address is available. Send him a PM here if the author has enabled the feature.

I thought it is a policy here to have at least a complete A-Z or a-z in submitted fonts.

Submit a font

Diffusion on this site is not automatic. It is a selection, each font is submitted to review.
Fonts must include at least an A-Z character set.
Fonts available for a limited time only are not accepted.

Aug 06, 2015 at 14:51  [reply]  Submitting my Font

When did you submit your font?

The last time new fonts were added here was on July 30th. If you submitted your fonts on or after July 30th, then wait till new fonts are next added to the site. If new fonts were added and your fonts are still not up, get in touch with the admin here and ask for clarification.

How would you know when new fonts are added to the site? Go to and see the posting date at the top of the listing on page 1.

Jul 30, 2015 at 21:44  [reply]  dingbats

Are you on Windows? Then Alt+0159 or Alt+0178 or Alt+0179 or Alt+0185 should give you that star in a circle.

That's done by pressing the Alt key, hold it down and type the four digit number in your keyboard's numeric keypad. Remember to set the font to Day Stencil before you type those alt key combinations.

Jul 13, 2015 at 18:21  [reply]  Help

Since no one seems to see your image other than you, why not download the image from Instagram and upload it to and post here the image direct link URL

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Jul 03, 2015 at 05:34  [reply]  Working on a Font Drafs app

IMO exporting to PNG is a waste of time. In Fontlab, you need to convert the PNG to bitmap before you can import and trace it. You can also use an autotracer to do the job for you. Both ways, it is going to need a lot of hard work. It is kind of repeating the same thing all over again. If the app can export to a vector format, then you will make things a lot simpler. Only being given the ability to export to PNG is not worth the upgrade. You are going to get the same end result by using a pencil and paper.

Get that app of yours to export vectors and that will become very interesting.

I'd like to give your app a spin but I do not have a smart phone and I doubt if it will work on my dumb phone (Nokia 5110)

annakin said  
Hi! I have a question too. So, a friend of mine is opening an online store with women's cloths, accessories etc and she uses a font "for personal use only" as a logo font - that is a commercial use of it, right?
Sorry, I'm confused. Which fonts she can use?
Thank you

Yes, that's commercial use.

She can still use that font if she likes it but she will have to get the font author's consent. If the font author requires your friend to pay a commercial license fee, she will have to do that. If the fee is not acceptable to her, then she has to drop the font and look for something else.

Which fonts can she use? Everything here at Dafont. It is just that some fonts have strings attached.

If I buy your experimental typography for 20 Euros, what would it be good for?

Hang on the wall? Anything else? I am just wondering how it could be used since the way I understood it is that your shop is only selling prints.

I hope the 20 Euro price tag includes free shipping of the prints to China.

Apr 09, 2015 at 11:07  [reply]  Ma Sexy

She has a website

There's a PayPal link there. If you do not hear from here, click on that PayPal link and show her some love.

Mar 27, 2015 at 12:35  [reply]  More information about licences ?

Fake Bully said  

Can i use font 100% free for commercial use?

If you know the email address of the author of the font, send him an email and ask him if you can use the font for commercial purposes.

If private messaging here at Dafont is enabled for the font author, send him a private message and ask.

See if there is a text file inside the ZIP file that you downloaded here at Dafont where the font author might have stated his conditions for the use of the font.

See the font's copyright field if the font author left any instructions there. The copyright, however, is not shown in the Font Viewer of Win7 .

Mar 24, 2015 at 13:31  [reply]  change to pay not free

You might want to consider how Brittney Murphy does it. She has all her fonts available here at Dafont as Free for personal use ( and the same fonts are available at CreativeMarket for $5 each (

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Mar 18, 2015 at 09:30  [reply]  What exactly is donation ware?

I believe the author is very precise when it comes to what he wants. Please see

I suggest that you get in touch with the author, disclose how you are going to use the font and get the full version which comes with a license to use the font commercially. To give you an idea how much the donation would be, the prices of his fonts at range from $5 to $25.

As for the term donationware, you have to make a donation to use it commercially or any use that is no longer private use. The amount is usually for you to determine unless the author has fixed an amount to donate or the author requests that you get in touch with him first as in the case of Good Karma Fonts2u does not read that.

Since a fonts2u link seems to be not acceptable here, so just go there and search for my font Mallary, then scroll down until you see the entry for the License of the font. Now, do you really think people there reads what is on their pages?

Their robots probably leech from Dafont, unpack the zip, get the info for the pages and store in a database, strip everything except the font and repack it. Everything could be done without human intervention. The only thing the human there probably does is wait for the ad revenues to arrive and spend it.

I do not know if you are open to doing what I experimented on. I initially uploaded the font with the least number of characters acceptable to Dafont. As expected the font appeared in other sites on the same day it was published in Dafont. After sometime, I updated the font with a complete character set. You can only count on the fingers of your one hand the number of sites that carry the font with the complete character set.


and compare it to the version on other sites.

It looks like those leeching sites only leech the new fonts page and not the updated page. I will do this again when I come out with another font - upload an alpha version and update it later with the full version.

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Feb 27, 2015 at 06:52  [reply]  DELETE my font PLIS

pipemunk said  
Does anyone know how I can delete a font from here?
And please don't suggest anything than to actually inform me of how to delete a font from here.

There is only one way to do it, send the owner a private message - - and request a removal of your font. If you were the one who uploaded that, there's a very good chance that your font will be removed. You wil have a problem if somebody else uploaded it for you.

Feb 20, 2015 at 04:31  [reply]  Could someone make this into a font?

koeiekat said  
toto@k22 said  
@SportsFonts ... If you can do that Packers font, you can do this.

If it is made like that Packers font it will hardly be usable for what he wants it for.

What I meant is that he can use his image (or an enlarged one if needed) for Font Creator to autotrace just like what he did to make the Packers font. Quality is entirely another matter. If the Packers font is good enough for him, I think this one will also do.

I suggest for SportsFonts to contact LSU and inquire on how he could get a license to use the font.

You just do not know what will happen if someone at LSU look up and see someone up there in Wisconsin wearing a jersey using a knock off font.

Feb 18, 2015 at 13:26  [reply]  Could someone make this into a font?

@SportsFonts Why ask someone when you can do it yourself? If you can do that Packers font, you can do this.

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