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Nov 28, 2016 at 05:23  [reply]  not given the option to install

If you will follow the instructions in the link that fonatica gave you, you will find that things does work for you.

However, if you will follow the instructions on YouTube videos, make sure that you are double clicking/opening a TTF (True Type) or OTF (Open Type) font. If file extension or file type is not shown, TTF or OTF files are usually shown with an icon that has an A or O or T on it. The icon you see varies and depends on the program that is associated to it.

Why don't we do a test. Download this font There is only one file on that download and it is a TTF file. As you can see there is no room for errors here. Follow the instructions given by that YouTube video, and see what happens. If it still does not work for you, use the same font download link and follow the instructions in the link provided by Fonatica. Then come back here and let us know what happened.

If you put up a donate button and you do not ask for a specific amount, expect to receive as low as $1.

How about how high it can go? I will leave that up to the experts here.

Nov 26, 2016 at 14:12  [reply]  How can we set Paypal account?

Login to your account, then go to My account then click on the link that is circled on the image

Enter your paypal email address and click submit and you are done.


I just noticed that you still do not have a font listed in your profile. That is the reason why you do not see the donate link in your account. You must have a font available for download here at Dafont before you are allowed to add a donate button. Without a font, there's nowhere to place your donate button.

Submit a font to Dafont first. You would be able to add a Paypal donate link once your font is approved,

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Nov 26, 2016 at 10:10  [reply]  How can we set Paypal account?

Login to your Dafont account
Go to
Enter the email address for your your PayPal account
Click on the submit button
Wait for donation to come in.

BTW I suggest that you acknowledge receiving the donation regardless of the amount.

Tell the font author about the problem so that he/she can fix it.

Send a PM to the author

or send the author an email. You can find the author's email address at the profile page

That problem can be easily fixed but the author has to be the one to do it.

Error on download link: The key you provided for file access was invalid.

Upload it to instead - free, no ads.

Nov 06, 2016 at 04:44  [reply]  Convert .fon/.fnt

That is a text file. Here's the first few lines:

;; debugfont.fon font description file version 1.1
;; width 256 height 256
;; antialiased TRUE
;; ascent 0.875000% descent 0.125000%
;; numglyphs 91
;; border pixels 4
;; scale 1.0
;; xoffset 0 yoffset 0

Descriptions of the 91 glyphs follow that.

Real .fon files are supposed to be binary files.

Oct 20, 2016 at 11:53  [reply]  For the admins

Z said  
What on earth would possess people to believe that? I'm 16 and I didn't believe it for a second. (in fact, I had to suppress the urge to laugh...)

That is good that you think that way and I wish everyone would think like you do. Unfortunately, this is not the case. There are far too many gullible people in the world who are overcome with greed when promised with dreamed of riches.

If this people cannot find victims for their scams then this practice would have stopped a long time ago. I receive at least one of this kind of email everyday and I do not see it stopping any day now. There are many scammers in the internet and there are also many who are gullible enough to believe them.

BTW I personally know of someone who believed in it and that person already sent them some money. It isn't much but they are asking for more and much higher amount now. The gullible person cannot be dissuaded and really believes that everything is true.

So you are a smart kid if you did not believe this but there are people out there who are not as smart as you.

Oct 15, 2016 at 04:10  [initial post]  For the admins

I received this private message from kings11me (

My names are: Mr. Anthony O Umeria, profession financier. Hope that you will not expose or betray this trust and confident? There is a mutual benefit. I need your urgent assistance to accept funds exceeding 5million US dollars with trust and full understanding to your country, primary motive safe keeping and possible investment okay, God bless you. Feel free to ask questions you are always welcome, for more details, urgently contact my private these e-mail addresses. (deleted)

Mr. Anthony Umeria

I am hoping the admin would be able to deal with this so that members here who are gullible enough (believe me there are many people who thinks this crap is real) would not fall prey to this scumbag.

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Oct 07, 2016 at 03:05  [reply]  Dashed fonts?

None. You will have to do it manually.

Change the type to a format that can be manipulated in your program. Different programs have different ways of doing this - convert type to outline, rasterize the text layer, using selection, etc. It really depends on how it is done in your program.

Look for public domain fonts. Do not just rely on what is shown on the web page where you downloaded the font but look inside the zip archive and see if there is a text file that states that the font is a public domain font. Sometimes you will find this info in the font. However, when in doubt, get in touch with the designer to clear up matters.

For example, here are the two listings of fonts by Character here at Dafont: and All his fonts, Character said, are public domain and he does not expect nor ask for any remuneration for their use. He just had fun doing the fonts and, sadly, he already passed away.

Aug 24, 2016 at 08:55  [reply]  Just wondering... Is this okay?

Probably this one

Looks like she used someone's fonts to create her own fonts.

All credits to the original font creators for the ttfs!

Does she have persmission? I do not know. There's no mention on the page about that.

SQUBEAR said  
Fonts marked as 100% Free on DaFont. Can they be used to create a logo for a company. I normally purchase a license to install a font. No documentation with the font - the 100% free one. Please clarify how to contact the font author have tried emailing no response. The font in question is Retro

If you are referring to this font
then you can either send the author a private message
or you can send an email at the email address shown here

Aug 16, 2016 at 08:48  [reply]  Not working?

Try opening the font in a font editor and regenerate the font. That often fixes most of the problems.

As for availability of font editors, there are free ones out there. Do a web search and you will find one.

Aug 01, 2016 at 12:29  [reply]  Making money from Font creations

For fonts here at Dafont, free for personal use. I still say that if money is your primary consideration, sign up with a font vendor and sell your fonts there.

BTW can you find my font, K22 Xanthus, in this video?

Don't blink as it was only shown a fraction of a second.

Jul 28, 2016 at 20:34  [reply]  Making money from Font creations

The fonts I make are not the kind that gets the most attention but I am happy with the little attention my fonts get on this site.

As for $$$ part, I got much more than I ever imagined I would get for my fonts.

Jul 28, 2016 at 03:16  [reply]  Making money from Font creations

IMO if your intention is to make money, sell your fonts. There are several sites where you can sell your fonts. CreativeMarket is popular nowadays and has a very lax policy when it comes to things for sale - no evaluation process at all.

If you are going to post a font here at Dafont, do not raise your expectations too high or you will be very disappointed. However, based on experience, more donations will come your way through Dafont than any other free font sites. GoogleFonts was not considered because it is not an open font archive.

What kind of fonts, get the most donations? Look at the fonts that are heavily downloaded and those fonts are likely the ones that get the most donations/money here. Unfortunately, mine are not among those fonts.

Jul 26, 2016 at 05:06  [reply]  Project Sports Specialties

x77x said  
hmmmm, cost $200 to have the sports specialties font made by a respected font artist...

Take it right away. Let that respected font artist do the font for you. That's basement bargain price.
I am very sure that you will profit from the use of that font.

Jul 16, 2016 at 18:48  [reply]  Can't find it again.

Jun 19, 2016 at 17:37  [initial post]  New forum policy????

Is there a new forum policy that you should be logged in before you can view the forum?

I can't get into the forum if I am not logged in and this just happened today.

All times are CET. The time is now 16:06

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