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Oct 16, 2013 at 13:23   Kel font

Identified font: Dragonwick

Oct 16, 2013 at 13:19   help

Manually condensed.

Identified font: Poppl-Residenz BQ

Oct 16, 2013 at 13:15   Mane Essence

Yorkshire, Ancestory SF, York Script ES, Fleurish Script, Quill, OPTIYork, Cumberland, Yonkers etc.

Identified font: Yorkshire

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Identified font: Passions Conflict ROB

Identified font: Rezland

Oct 14, 2013 at 15:10   what’s this font ?

Identified font: Aphrodite Slim Contextual

Oct 14, 2013 at 14:12   Help please

Known as Catchup, Playful, (Bay Animation - now Arts & Letters), KiddyDB (Christine Mauerkirchner und Rainer Grunert), First Grader, Kidz (WSI), Kids aka QTour 1 (Corel).

Identified font: Catchup

Edited on Oct 14, 2013 at 14:40 by drf

What you show is the Lalique Condensed, one of SWFTE's variations on the Arnold Boecklin.

Identified font: Lalique Condensed

Edited on Oct 14, 2013 at 14:38 by drf

Probably the Bold.

Identified font: Cooper

Oct 14, 2013 at 13:04   Help please

Alt Caps for the |M|.

Identified font: Copper

Oct 13, 2013 at 17:23   Fonts names?

Identified font: Satisfy

Identified font: Burgues Script

Oct 13, 2013 at 17:00   What font is this?

Identified font: Janda Cheerful Script

Oct 13, 2013 at 16:52   Help with this!

There are others like the Warp 1 and the fStop (here on dafont) but notice the hanging |r|.

Identified font: Filthy Habits

Oct 13, 2013 at 16:30   Bakery logo

Identified font: Dalliance Roman

Oct 13, 2013 at 16:23   What's this font?

Identified font: ITC Conduit

If you think the Comfortaa is very similar to the Comic Sans you desperately need new glasses.

Identified font: Comfortaa

Oct 13, 2013 at 12:13   Acid Rain

Identified font: La Danse

Somewhat condensed.

Identified font: 39 Smooth

Oct 13, 2013 at 11:57   Heisenberg

Goto Services > Typeface Design > More Information.

Identified font: Ramsey Foundational Bold

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