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mthole505 said  
I know what the instructions say. They did not work. I tried it several more times, and my computer goes crazy. I click on the 'download' for the font. It shows up in the download folder. It also shows up by itself on the hard drive. I right click on it and up comes a .dll file. One of the times I tried it, I got a .tff. but when I clicked on it, I was in an endless loop--it took me back to the listing in the start button click in IE. It just will not work!! As I have said, I need to TALK TO SOMEONE by phone, but, like millions of other websites, has no real customer service. So I am dead in the water. I have searched and searched on this problem--and there is no help whatsoever. IN short--their instructions are just not working for me.

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Mar 06, 2012 at 10:06  [reply]  DTF Font?

before ban ?

Mar 05, 2012 at 22:40  [reply]  SALMO FONT

Not a font, but you can find some similar fonts here, by Hydro 74 :

Mar 05, 2012 at 14:42  [reply]  Any ideas of either of these please

Identified font: League Gothic

Mar 05, 2012 at 13:58  [reply]  Leven als een prof-font

a, e, n look like Impact
i'd say the serifs on "l", the 2nd "n" and the "p" are added manually

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Mar 05, 2012 at 13:49  [reply]  What font?

Identified font: Chunk Five

Mar 03, 2012 at 15:30  [reply]  help me for this

Mar 03, 2012 at 14:04  [reply]  Tiny Chef Font

probably cleaned, but it seems based on "Joint" by Pizzadude

Identified font: Joint

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Mar 03, 2012 at 13:03  [reply]  Login name

Mar 03, 2012 at 13:02  [reply]  Fonts in PS very large get round edge

Quand tu vas dans le menu Firefox > Téléchargements
tu ne vois pas tes polices téléchargées ?

Mar 02, 2012 at 12:18  [reply]  Some help with this Font

of course it's better !!

Mar 02, 2012 at 12:18  [reply]  recherche écriture japonaise

cherche sur ces sites pour des polices en katakana ou hiragana :

Mar 01, 2012 at 16:55  [reply]  quel font

Mar 01, 2012 at 16:49  [reply]  Need Help pls ^.^

Identified font: Impact (on Your Computer)

Identified font: Cooper Black

Mar 01, 2012 at 10:14  [reply]  Please help me!

you should definitely add a stroke and a shadow to this writing, i think it looks very flat for a graffiti :/
maybe something like this :

Mar 01, 2012 at 10:09  [reply]  Some help with this Font

"20 Cents Marker" by vinz (of dafont's forum)

Identified font: 20 Cents Marker

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Feb 29, 2012 at 19:05  [reply]  Language Support

there's no way to filter foreign fonts, sorry
i think you'll find more greek fonts on commercial websites, not on free ones... some websites like

Fontshop :
Myfonts :

Feb 29, 2012 at 19:05  [reply]  ... che font è?

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