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Nov 16, 2014 at 13:34  [reply]  myfonts free

._. said  
I think it is, a guy I know had a bunch of fonts from there installed on his computer, and he said he got them for free. I asked him how but he wouldn't tell me.

I know how, too, but I won't tell you, either.

I don't understand half of what toto@k22 says, but I read all of it. I used to only understand ten per cent of it.

I've always wondered what anagrams might be made from the Lorem ipsum text, and whether they could be arranged to form sentences that follow at least the rudimentary rules of grammar.

On another board, one of the members uses the nickname Tish, and lamented that the anagram of their nickname was "Shit". I pointed out that there are also two other anagrams, "hits" and h'sti!, a diminutive of la hostie, the host, or Eucharist at a Catholic Mass, in the French-Canadian joual dialect. Spoken as an exclamation, it means "Shit!.

JayRey said  
Printing fonts to trace for signs

Hi, and thank you for any help.
I am still really having a hard time grasping font/typeface law; if I format text digitally using a font, have it printed, and then trace the text onto signs for paid artwork, must I purchase a license to use the font/typeface?

Again, tracing printed fonts (using transfer paper) for hand-painted signs, a paying gig/event, but the signs will not be sold in any way, just used for an event.

Thank you for any clarification.

In this scenario, you would NOT need to purchase a license, provided that you used a font that was 100% Free, or Public Domain. Otherwise, you would need to abide by the commercial use terms.

For what you're suggesting, you could probably get away with it, particularly if you made errors in the manual tracing stage. You might spend some hours of manual labour to save yourself the cost of a license that's probably in the $20 range.

What you're saying, if I read you correctly, is that you will be paid to create the signs, but you're not selling the signs you've been paid to create, and you wonder if that's personal or commercial use. Someone who uses fonts to create wedding invitations does that, too. It's called graphic design.

No one can really stop you from doing what you suggest, but it isn't very cost effective, it will yield inferior results, and you'll have to live with the personal guilt of having ripped someone off. If you're OK with all that, knock yourself out, but no one here is going to 'give you their blessing' to do it, which is what you really wanted, in the first place.

daaams said  
metaphasebrothel said  
Or, since all of the fonts are free to download, you could just download and install them, and do that in a text document yourself. Type the text, name and save it, then change the font and point size. Le voila.

Et voilą
What you're telling him to do is not really handy, wastes a lot of time, a lot of bandwidth,...

My post #8 wasted less bandwidth than your post #9, or were the downloaded fonts considered to be the wasted bandwidth?

I just can't see this 'custom paragraph of text display' happening, because it doesn't impact the Font Identification forum. To me, this inquiry is like 'The free grapes are delicious, but it would be a great idea if someone peeled them for me'.

Custom paragraph text display makes a lot of sense, if the object is to sell a font by way of download. DaFont showcases 'second and third tier' typography that's free to download. The top tier is going to be the 'Professional' designers and foundries, with the 1,000 glyph character maps, and no kerning or metrics errors. The fourth tier is the fonts that are submitted here, but rejected, or the ones that show up on DeviantArt or the ones that are only on Fontspace because it has no evaluation process, (which is both a good, and a bad thing, like 'open mike night' at a comedy club).

It's not really the point of DaFont to chose fonts for the downloader, so he avoids using bandwidth for the ones he doesn't want to use, and saves time by not opening the .zip files in which their fonts were contained. If a guy wants custom text display of his installed fonts at various sizes. without leaving a browser window, he should just use this tool:

But custom paragraph text display does not benefit DaFont, nor the authors showcased here; it only benefits a user, who wants us to invest resources to save him time. I can't see that happening.

Or, since all of the fonts are free to download, you could just download and install them, and do that in a text document yourself. Type the text, name and save it, then change the font and point size. Le voila.

I think Aquaflame is an erectile dysfunction medication sold in some US states, so the forum nick makes chicks think he can't get it up. Or something else.

Nov 03, 2014 at 09:28  [reply]  Use of fonts in blogs

vonpaldanius said  
Use of fonts in blogs

My questions:

I make quote-pictures to one blog. I'm wondering, the pics are not for sale, can I use "100% free" fonts to make these pics? Blog itself has some ads time to time, but these fonts are not to any ads of course. They are only used as a visual material to the blog. The blog doesn't make any money with these pics.

Should I ask from the makers of the font.

If the font is 100% free, it's courteous to inform the author of how you've used their work, but you don't need to ask for permission, in advance. You would need to ask in advance, if it's a Free for Personal Use font.

Do you, directly or indirectly, receive any income from the ads on the page, or are they just there as part of a free hosting domain, like "geocities", from years ago?

Oct 27, 2014 at 23:34  [initial post]  Cheese or Font?

Take the test at

I got 62.7% on all 268, but I bypassed practice, and went straight to game mode. This was fun.

Oct 27, 2014 at 23:32  [reply]  "Bodoni" Font Bug

koeiekat said  
metaphasebrothel said  
... don't know how to do that, without being sarcastic.

What is wrong with irony?

It would take too long to explain.

Oct 27, 2014 at 16:06  [reply]  "Bodoni" Font Bug

koeiekat said  
... The Kat wonders why you carefully avoid giving an answer ...

Because about 10% of all fonts contain Bodoni in their name.

The guy had trouble with a font on his phone, so he deleted fonts from his PC. To me, this is like a typist applying liquid paper to her monitor to fix a spelling error. I can't help someone who would do that.

He needs an unteacher to help him unlearn what he doesn't know first, and I don't know how to do that, without being sarcastic.

Oct 27, 2014 at 06:39  [reply]  "Bodoni" Font Bug

Lenwei said  
Firt of all, I posted this into requests before the topic was moved. It may be because I didn't know (and still doesn't) the name of the font, don't you think? If you answered my request only to preachify, I don't need that. Otherwise, if you want to help me, here's the details you asked for.

On tumblr, the mobile themes are proposing a font called "Bodoni". When I tried to use it, I saw that this font (the screened one) appeared on the web preview. On mobile, everything was perfect, so, back on my computer, I went through my Fonts folder and deleted the Bodoni files. Even after that, the font was still the same. I reinstalled it via .tff and it didn't changed. I deleted it again, and, another time, never changed.

I'm not sure exactly what you did, or why you did it, and yet I am 100% certain that any written assistance I could offer you would make no difference, whatsoever.

S17MON said  
Someone validated a wrong font on my thread.

I made a font identification request not very long ago because I was looking for this one font that had its numbers actually smaller than the capital characters and some of the numbers hanging down (9, for example) to the point it can be noticed right away. A user "identified" it as Aller and my case was closed down. I find this extremely derogatory and provocative to the point I want to report that user for trolling and have him/her banned because I know that is exactly the wrong (I repeat, WRONG) font, since all numbers are at the same height as the capital letters and elevation in Aller. Again, the font I was looking for had numbers that are shorter than the capital letters and they had varying heights. There used to be a dispute feature available here. What happened to it?

You must mean this thread:

The Troll who identified Aller is jerseygirl, one of the forum moderators. Perhaps she might ban herself, if you ask politely, by Private Message?

Take a look at the link supplied by claudeserieux in the follow up post. Claude doesn't say much to English language forum posts, but he gives 'good link'. If you scroll down in the character map for Aller, you'll see the smaller numerals that are below the base line, and their Unicode designations. You should have no difficulty using them, with Aller installed.

Oct 17, 2014 at 07:57  [reply]  CSS script for fonts

koeiekat said  
Whatever target audience, the path is the same. Trouble with many designers is, they think in shape and don't give shit about conveying a message if they even know what conveying a message might possibly mean.
Do you now understand why the vast majority of the websites around are trash or minus?

Fixed your post.

Edit kk

Edited on Oct 17, 2014 at 21:45 by koeiekat

koeiekat said  
Bobby, format>settings>metrics.

I was able to change the Ascender and Descender values with FontCreator5.0. I don't know what "gnark" means.

@Twiddle & koeiekat: I tried, (unsuccessfully), to make the change indicated in post #5, to generate a 'corrected' version, using Fontlab Studio5. Changing the ascender/ descender values in Font Info -> Metrics and Dimensions -> True Type-specific metrics was easy to do, but the current values returned when I generated the .ttf file, (and yes, the 'set custom value' and 'calculate values automatically' buttons were properly enabled when I did this).

Note in the graphic from post #5: On the left, the values for Win Ascent and Win Descent, (1070; -932), are different from the values for Ascender and Descender, (750; -250). koeiekat's suggestions in the right side image is to replace the current Ascender and Descender values with those of Win Ascent and Win Descent. I opened the font with FontCreator5, but I didn't find the Font Info dialog box. I'd be willing to spend more time trying to fix this error, but only if I had made the font myself. Passing the torch...

Oct 13, 2014 at 17:39  [reply]  A question about licence fees said  
... Earlier, when talking about multiple sales of a single template, you said that a "one-time payment is the industry norm"; do you think this also applies to multiple sales of multiple templates?

If multiple templates are made by the same designer, and marketed on different sites, I'd consider that to fall under a single license. One does not purchase a font license for a single use, as if it were a condom.

daaams said  
metaphasebrothel said  
"En Nuit" is poor grammatical French for "At Night", which should be written as "En la Nuit".

i don't think "En nuit" or "En la nuit" exist in french...

The normal rules of grammar are not applicable to puns.

I think you should concentrate on monospaced fonts. The widths of the 'glyph cells' will be equal, but they might not line up exactly on a horizontal axis, because of differences in the amount of spacing on the left and right, like this one:

ixipcalli said  
metaphasebrothel said  
I think it deserves a French name. How about En Nuit?

Good idea, but do not forget to register it before someone does.
Good look!.

Dude, I was messing with you. "En Nuit" is poor grammatical French for "At Night", which should be written as "En la Nuit", but it sounds the same as "Ennui", as spotted by daaams, which means 'boredom'.

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