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Oct 27, 2014 at 16:06  [reply]  "Bodoni" Font Bug

koeiekat said  
... The Kat wonders why you carefully avoid giving an answer ...

Because about 10% of all fonts contain Bodoni in their name.

The guy had trouble with a font on his phone, so he deleted fonts from his PC. To me, this is like a typist applying liquid paper to her monitor to fix a spelling error. I can't help someone who would do that.

He needs an unteacher to help him unlearn what he doesn't know first, and I don't know how to do that, without being sarcastic.

Oct 27, 2014 at 06:39  [reply]  "Bodoni" Font Bug

Lenwei said  
Firt of all, I posted this into requests before the topic was moved. It may be because I didn't know (and still doesn't) the name of the font, don't you think? If you answered my request only to preachify, I don't need that. Otherwise, if you want to help me, here's the details you asked for.

On tumblr, the mobile themes are proposing a font called "Bodoni". When I tried to use it, I saw that this font (the screened one) appeared on the web preview. On mobile, everything was perfect, so, back on my computer, I went through my Fonts folder and deleted the Bodoni files. Even after that, the font was still the same. I reinstalled it via .tff and it didn't changed. I deleted it again, and, another time, never changed.

I'm not sure exactly what you did, or why you did it, and yet I am 100% certain that any written assistance I could offer you would make no difference, whatsoever.

S17MON said  
Someone validated a wrong font on my thread.

I made a font identification request not very long ago because I was looking for this one font that had its numbers actually smaller than the capital characters and some of the numbers hanging down (9, for example) to the point it can be noticed right away. A user "identified" it as Aller and my case was closed down. I find this extremely derogatory and provocative to the point I want to report that user for trolling and have him/her banned because I know that is exactly the wrong (I repeat, WRONG) font, since all numbers are at the same height as the capital letters and elevation in Aller. Again, the font I was looking for had numbers that are shorter than the capital letters and they had varying heights. There used to be a dispute feature available here. What happened to it?

You must mean this thread:

The Troll who identified Aller is jerseygirl, one of the forum moderators. Perhaps she might ban herself, if you ask politely, by Private Message?

Take a look at the link supplied by claudeserieux in the follow up post. Claude doesn't say much to English language forum posts, but he gives 'good link'. If you scroll down in the character map for Aller, you'll see the smaller numerals that are below the base line, and their Unicode designations. You should have no difficulty using them, with Aller installed.

Oct 17, 2014 at 07:57  [reply]  CSS script for fonts

koeiekat said  
Whatever target audience, the path is the same. Trouble with many designers is, they think in shape and don't give shit about conveying a message if they even know what conveying a message might possibly mean.
Do you now understand why the vast majority of the websites around are trash or minus?

Fixed your post.

Edit kk

Edited on Oct 17, 2014 at 21:45 by koeiekat

koeiekat said  
Bobby, format>settings>metrics.

I was able to change the Ascender and Descender values with FontCreator5.0. I don't know what "gnark" means.

@Twiddle & koeiekat: I tried, (unsuccessfully), to make the change indicated in post #5, to generate a 'corrected' version, using Fontlab Studio5. Changing the ascender/ descender values in Font Info -> Metrics and Dimensions -> True Type-specific metrics was easy to do, but the current values returned when I generated the .ttf file, (and yes, the 'set custom value' and 'calculate values automatically' buttons were properly enabled when I did this).

Note in the graphic from post #5: On the left, the values for Win Ascent and Win Descent, (1070; -932), are different from the values for Ascender and Descender, (750; -250). koeiekat's suggestions in the right side image is to replace the current Ascender and Descender values with those of Win Ascent and Win Descent. I opened the font with FontCreator5, but I didn't find the Font Info dialog box. I'd be willing to spend more time trying to fix this error, but only if I had made the font myself. Passing the torch...

Oct 13, 2014 at 17:39  [reply]  A question about licence fees said  
... Earlier, when talking about multiple sales of a single template, you said that a "one-time payment is the industry norm"; do you think this also applies to multiple sales of multiple templates?

If multiple templates are made by the same designer, and marketed on different sites, I'd consider that to fall under a single license. One does not purchase a font license for a single use, as if it were a condom.

daaams said  
metaphasebrothel said  
"En Nuit" is poor grammatical French for "At Night", which should be written as "En la Nuit".

i don't think "En nuit" or "En la nuit" exist in french...

The normal rules of grammar are not applicable to puns.

I think you should concentrate on monospaced fonts. The widths of the 'glyph cells' will be equal, but they might not line up exactly on a horizontal axis, because of differences in the amount of spacing on the left and right, like this one:

ixipcalli said  
metaphasebrothel said  
I think it deserves a French name. How about En Nuit?

Good idea, but do not forget to register it before someone does.
Good look!.

Dude, I was messing with you. "En Nuit" is poor grammatical French for "At Night", which should be written as "En la Nuit", but it sounds the same as "Ennui", as spotted by daaams, which means 'boredom'.

daaams said  
metaphasebrothel said  
I think it deserves a French name. How about En Nuit?

Ennui ?


I think it deserves a French name. How about En Nuit?

Oct 11, 2014 at 00:10  [reply]  CSS script for fonts

koeiekat said  
metaphasebrothel said  
SteveHi, you need to also keep in mind that not all fonts can be embedded. The font's author determines the restrictions, if any, (if they know how!). An installed font editing program is needed to see the embedding settings.

Not really, In Windows Explorer go to the font-file. Right click and click Properties and then Embedding. Then you will see the embedding settings. Ergo, no font editor needed.

Dagnabit, (spits tobacco juice), that there must be one of them newfangled ino-ervations they done put in that old new Windders I heard talk about. Run and tell yer Ma. She's in the feed shed, chattin' up on her AOL.

Oct 10, 2014 at 18:37  [reply]  CSS script for fonts

SteveHi, you need to also keep in mind that not all fonts can be embedded. The font's author determines the restrictions, if any, (if they know how!). An installed font editing program is needed to see the embedding settings.

Oct 10, 2014 at 05:05  [reply]  A question about licence fees said  
...I take your point about seeing $ signs. Whilst I would like anyone who uses any of my fonts commercially to recognise that, amateur or not, they take time and effort to create, that's not my main agenda here at all...

Oh, I hope you didn't think I meant you! I meant the people who have Adobe Illustrator and FontCreator, but haven't read the manual for either app. They churn out a steady supply of unremarkable blog fonts, and expect to put themselves through college by working a few afternoons during their teenage years. Their fonts tend to have the sort of technical errors that would never be found in a professional commercial font. Those designers should not look at the commercial use fee schedule of a major designer or foundry, and expect that their own work would command anything remotely similar.

Oct 09, 2014 at 22:54  [reply]  A question about licence fees

Steve, the main question is Has the designer ALREADY purchased a license from you? If yes, then the terms of use in YOUR license should already spell that out.

My opinion would be that a one-time payment is industry norm, but the license may apply to say, one business and one personal computer only. If a magazine publisher wanted to purchase a font for commercial use by multiple employees, it's fairly standard that more than one license purchase is reasonable to both parties.

My recently completed, (!), and soon to be released new font, (I just need to adjust the 'winding direction' for the True Type and Post Script versions, and make some supplemental files. It's much improved, compared to what you saw in June), will have an interesting, and perhaps unique commercial use license, in which the commercial licensing fee will be negotiated on a 'case by case' version, depending on who wants to use it, and how it's to be used. I'm also predesignating the design for the Public Domain, after twelve full calendar years. When it comes out, you might want to study the information I've added to the header, and the wording of my license, and possibly find some ideas you may want to incorporate in your own work.

I would also suggest that you look at some of the details pages at MyFonts about commercial use licensing fees for various types of use. You'll probably find the information to which I'm referring for one or more of Mark Simonson's fonts, and the same link on other designer's pages would show you their equivalent fee scale. I don't have the link handy, but it wouldn't surprise me if it gets posted by claudeserieux later in this thread. No one hosted on DaFont should expect to receive the sort of fees commanded by something like Le Monde Livre. Look at the ratios between the costs for various commercial usages, rather than the dollar amounts.

Too many amateur designers these days are making fonts with 'dollar signs' in front of their eyes, and equating each DaFont download to a potential license sale. Of the fonts in my collection, (specifically the ones acquired post August, 2007; the earlier ones are well organized), less than 5% have ever been extracted from their archives, and maybe one in five of those has been installed, even briefly. I download a font if I want it more than the empty disk space it would occupy. I have a lot of disk space, and I have a lot of multiple copies of the same font, mainly fonts contained within different collections, or ones I couldn't remember if I already had. That's probably true among the entire group of people who have 20 or fewer correct Font Identifications on the all-time list.


Oct 08, 2014 at 18:09  [reply]  Printing Font

Well, the embedding settings are not an issue. All four fonts are in 'anything goes' mode:

koeiekat said  
On the left the settings as they are, on the right what they must be.

The maximum image width on DaFont is 800 pixels, which is why the right side of the image, containing the useful information, is not showing, (at least, not on my monitor). See it full size here:

Turn the Paragraph Markers OFF in Microsoft Word.

Twiddle, I would recommend that you send a private message to the author, Brittney Murphy Design, and let her know about this. I wouldn't assume that she would read the General Discussion Forum. Be sure to mention that you are using Mac OS X.

This sort of problem usually affects MAC users, and it relates to problems with the font's vertical metrics, specifically, the ascender and descender values. In simple terms, the descender is the portion of a glyph that's below the base line, and the ascender is the portion above a flat topped glyph, (like the area where the accent on an accented character would be, (ascender), or the tail on the letter Q, (descender). It's quite possible she may be completely unaware that MAC users do not have the same text display in MS Word as one would with a PC.

If you have access to a Windows computer, you may get better results. We've noticed this same problem with some of the Måns Grebäck fonts, as well, (at least in the Free for Personal Use versions).

Here's a text sample of Simply*Glamorous at 34 points, using MS Word 2007 and Windows XP:

which looks fine to me.

You should also note that you may have restrictions if you are trying to print this font, at least, unless you purchase a commercial use license. The embedding settings are set as "Only printing and previewing of the document is allowed, (read only)". This may be intentional on Brittney's part, (ie: the Free for Personal Use version may be a 'try before you buy' advertisement for the 'pay' version), or that might just be the default embedding setting for the font editor she uses.

So, the problem is not with MS Word. There appears to be an error in the vertical metrics that affects MAC users, but not those using Windows. I'll bet she would be happy if you were to bring this to her attention, She does good work, but may not have read all the pages of her font editor's manual.


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